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  1. Hey there!

    Hi Thanks for the Crepes and Kim Shook! I'm in Australia, specifically, Sydney. I'm a newbie when it comes to cooking and my recent works are easy recipes. I joined the forum to learn more from you guys in terms of tips, skills, and recipes. Anyway, the latest one I've cooked was called a Cajun Salmon with Chargrilled Corn Salsa. I got the recipe from my energy provider. I think it was pretty good. Here's the recipe if you want to try http://www.covau.com.au/blog/cajun-salmon-with-chargrilled-corn-salsa How about you guys? Tell me about the food you cook!
  2. Hey there!

    I'm a new member of this forum. Excited to learn more recipes and cooking skills from you guys! And also to share some of my insights