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  1. Also, here's a video of it in action. Sucker is being immersed in deep fry oil and liquid nitrogen, so seems pretty robust.
  2. Hey all, Chris Young's new wireless thermometer is going to go on sale SOON! I'm pretty excited about it, and so should you be! Previous posts are here. Basically with many temp sensors, they can estimate speed of cooking, when items will be done, etc. It looks pretty sweet. I'm signed up to pre-order,; they're currently offering 30% off. Here's the link. It seems like it will allow me to do sous-vide level cooking in the oven, on the range, etc. I already do this a lot anyways, as I like the better crust production that I get from low temp in oven. I have been doing my roast chicken in the oven this way for a long time (using this technique), and am excited to have this probe for that purpose. I even suspect that you can seal it inside a sous-vide bag to do 'delta cooking' to get faster results via true sous vide. We'll see! Anyways, I'm excited for this to come out, and I hope others are too!
  3. stock = fail city. 400cc chicken stock from freezer (real, from carcass), thawed, de-fatted. 100cc H2O + 1g telephone brand agar, hydrated 5min in microwave. Allowed to gel together at room temp (maybe the agar will gel but the gelatin won't?). Put it in spinzall last night, fell asleep (spinzall in garage, temp 50s F. Woke up this AM, spun again. No puck at all. Sucker wanted to clear, but couldn't. Cloudy gel suspended in clear gel, no puck at all. Maybe if I kept it warmer? Maybe if I hadn't fallen asleep last night after first spin and let it sit in cool garage overnight?
  4. my guess is no. Too much emulsified fats and stuff. But I don't know for sure. I've wondered about doing agar stock clarification. I don't remember where I read it, but saw a blog post about agar clarified stock, and there were some weird agar-gelatin interactions.
  5. I did 450 of meat in batch, measured 150g, put it in each 'third'
  6. http://www.starchefs.com/cook/recipe/chris-young/sous-vide-rare-beef-jus http://modernistcuisine.com/recipes/sous-vide-rare-beef-jus-4/ http://modernistcuisine.com/video/rare-beef-jus-2/
  7. I was the one who did it. Just decided to try. I did 1kg beef, 2g bromelain, cut 1/2in dice. Cooked 3hrs @53c. Strained the liquid out: goopy, gross mess. Dejected. Womp Womp. But decided to spin the liquid anyways, and got ~200cc clear red jus! Then spun the 'chunks' (manually balanced equal weight), and got out ~100cc more for just under 300cc yield. Haven't cooked with it yet, but appears to have worked quite well! I haven't taken pics yet, but I can say that it DID seem to work beautifully.
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