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  1. Pumpkin

    My father just carried out what I can only call a drive-by squashing. Once again leaving vegetables from his garden by my front door for me to find when I get home from work. Last time it was 10 pounds of zucchini and summer squash (made into cake and kimchee). This time it's 5 small to medium jack-o-lantern style pumpkins. <sigh> Does anyone know of a recipe for this type of pumpkin? I know the flavor is pretty insipid, but I'm not inclined to let all this free food go to waste. I might try a Thai style Massaman pumpkin and beef curry for some of it, but I don't think the rest of it would make good puree for pies.
  2. GF flours - why so gritty?

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to gluten free baking, but according to some research I've been doing the cause of this problem is the different starch profiles found in gluten free grains. They absorb water at different rates and in different amounts than wheat flour. So if we have a conventional recipe, we have to change the quantity of water to compensate for the change in flour. We also have to change the amount of time we give the dough or batter to absorb the water and rehydrate the starches in the GF flour. I'm still learning about the changes to the amounts of water in recipes. But, the most successful GF recipes I have tried share a 30 minute rest period for any batter or dough before it's cooked.