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  1. Pablo-ORes

    Hi ! From Australia

    Hi Kay, Crocodile is soft and delicate when cooked well, as much of the fat is removed before cooking only a small amount is left making the crocodile a healthy protein, however, it's easy to overcook and can become tough -- much like an overcooked squid. So adding a coat to the meat will help keep the moisture in; either coated in starch, fried and briefly wok tossed in a sauce or smoked. As a smoked product the meat can be served chilled with a fruity flavoured emulsion to your liking i.e infused into a mayonaise base. As the use of Australian ingrediants is still new to modern Australian cuisine (can you believe), there is a lot of potential for discoveries concerning their preparations and uses. Since I've only started I'll be keeping my nose and tastebuds open to suggestions. I think Cajun cooking can offer some more insight into 'what works' with crocodile. I've never been but I believe Lousiana is similar to some parts of Australia as places like the national parks of Northern Territory, locals there tend to eat what it can provide and tend to use Asian flavours for their dishes whereas Cajun is French influenced I believe ?
  2. Pablo-ORes

    Hi ! From Australia

    My self I'm from the far north region of queensland, Australia, currently undertaking my chef training. I've worked as a kitchenhand for over a decade and have only recently taken up gaining my qualification, I'm passionate about food and wish to further my culinary skills and knowledge. Food. I'm into South East Asian flavours and I enjoy working with spices, making pastes, marinades, sauces and just in general being creative with food. I'm currently working with Australian produce such as our seafood. crocodile, kangaroo, wallaby, game meats and Australian native bush flavours. Why I'm here. There's a lot to learn and so much to understand about food I find there isn't enough books with all the knowledge that's out there. A big hello and thank you to all, Pablo.