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  1. I’ve given up trying to find nutrition or protein bars that are NOT sweet—99% of them are just glorified friggin’ candy bars. I don’t mean “maybe a little sweet”—I don’t want ANY sweetness or sweeteners of any kind. Why is it so hard to find a protein/nutrition bar for grownups? Manufacturers make all kinds of savory snack crap like potato chips; why don’t they think we’d like that in actual healthy snacks? Unless anyone one knows of any available in the U.S., I’m now trying to find recipes for same. I fantasize about bars that have Asian, Italian, or Indian spices and exotic flavors. Vegetarian; otherwise I know a lot of paleophiles will suggest variations on meat jerky. ;-D
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments! Kim: chileheadmike: Maybe they don't sell the powedered form in more humid regions? I'll see if it's available in L.A. chromedome: Great idea! Must try that, although I only have the one coffee mill so I'll have to clean it thoroughly afterward—onion-flavored coffee just does not sound that appealing. Thanks for the Crepes: Thank you for there very thorough research and reporting! Thumbs up!
  3. Jo, It's happened to more than one brand of onion powder I've bought in my cooking life. The one I currently have is the Trader Joe's brand; there's no link for it. I would assume that if your garlic powder doesn't clump, it probably has some kind of anti-clumping agent in it.
  4. I live in Los Angeles, where it's not typically humid. But I've grown tired of having onion powder clump into a rock-hard block. My current supply is in its original bottle; I went to the trouble of chiseling out and grinding the whole thing back to powder, and tried various "remedies": dried beans, grains of rice, keeping it in the freezer, putting a silica gel packet in the bottle, and BOTH the packet AND lots of rice grains. Nothing worked. Still clumped up and starting to get hard again. So, is there REALLY a remedy for clumping that truly works? Or should I give up trying to find this holy grail, or just give up on onion powder?
  5. Thank you for letting me join, eG! Looking forward to seeing and sharing lots of good food intel!
  6. Is there anywhere in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas where I can find muscat (aka moscato or moscatel) grapes right now? I mean the REAL, come-to-jesus floral and exotic ones, not the insipid pretenders. One grape farmer at the SM Wednesday market claimed a few weeks ago he was going to have them, then a couple of weeks another guy in the booth didn't even know what I was talking about when I mentioned "muscats."