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  1. Maybe to make the almonds they do a similar technique as making marrons glaces where they replace the water content with sugar then toast them up? food for thought. Not sure if there's enough water content to replace with anything in an almond though.
  2. Thankyou Kerry for this insight I will try first with a pan that is designed for induction cooking. I really hope it works!
  3. I read the article, checked out the website. Its no wonder they don't spill the secret, one tarte is nearly 50 bucks,300 per day means they make $15000 per day on that single cake recipe! I hope I make a recipe that successful someday soon!
  4. Hello! I was wondering if anyone on here has tried using an induction cooktop with confection making (caramels, fondant, marshmallows ect...). My stove has literally three settings, and the low setting still burns sugar and there is no such thing as maintaining any sort of "simmer". I was looking into getting a cooktop and buying some copper sugar pots and mauviel makes this thing that goes inbetween. I would love to hear any input into this idea or your experiences! ~Sarah
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