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  1. It's available at more than one place. My favorite is from a taco shop called Lucha Libre, which is decorated in all kinds of wacky Mexican wrestling paraphernalia. The original location always has a line going halfway around the block. Apparently the California burrito has been part of the San Diego food scene since the 1980s. Thanks, I will have to take a visit to Jalapeno Mex. Whenever I mention the concept of the California burrito to someone, they think it's bizarre. I say, don't knock it 'til you've tried it!
  2. Out of curiosity, did you ever find your dragonfruit?
  3. Basically a California-style burrito is like a SF mission-style burrito, but stuffed with french fries instead of rice. It's absolutely fantastic! I have yet to find these outside of San Diego. Does anybody know of a spot to get them in the Seattle area, or perhaps Portland? I might just have to resort to making one myself...
  4. In addition to the excellent restaurants, Portland has had a thriving food truck scene for several years.
  5. This is probably late... I'm curious as to whether you were able to find a good recommendation. I would suggest Port Townsend, WA as a quiet, relaxing getaway. It's an old Victorian-era port, and there are a number of B&Bs as well as historic hotels.
  6. At the time, I was overly afraid of spoilage, so I just dumped it without thinking to try tasting it.
  7. I fly Alaska often and sometimes the flights are actually serviced by Horizon. I don't remember any free beer, though.
  8. I will never again accidentally leave a carton of milk out on the counter overnight.
  9. Yes, that coating is called the bloom. Here's a brief explanation: https://www.incredibleegg.org/eggcyclopedia/b/bloom/
  10. I had some decent beef goulash on Lufthansa in economy class about eight years ago. I think the other choice was some kind of baked chicken, but it's hard to recall now.
  11. I tend to tip around 18% of the after-tax price. My understanding was always that 15-20% was standard practice, with 20% reserved for absolute, above and beyond, top-notch, A+++ level service. If the standard is actually higher than that, then I will have a very hard time as a customer, since dining out already gets quite pricey!
  12. It doesn't look like it's been mentioned in this thread, but if anyone is into vintage old-school dining like I am, then Original Joe's in the North Beach neighborhood is great. Sometimes a plate of Joe's Special just hits the spot. Theirs tastes a bit citrus-y, as if a splash of orange juice is used in the recipe. The cocktails are good, too.
  13. Thanks for the welcome @Smithy! Yes, MCM means "mid-century modern," and I try to incorporate the positive aspects of the mid twentieth century into my everyday life. Alas, my clock is actually a knockoff, haha. I'm in the Seattle area. There are a few dining establishments here and there in the northwest that date back to the mid-century years. I find a lot more of them down in California, though.
  14. Hello folks, I'm one of the newer members of eGullet. My primary culinary interests are old-school cuisine, such as the continental-inspired fine dining of decades past, and the slowly dying breed of restaurants that still serve such items as Steak Diane, table-side prepared salad, Bananas Foster, and the like. I also like to explore old-school downscale eats such as those diners and burger and milkshake stands that have been around on the side of the highway for sixty years or so.
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