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  1. I want to make sugar-free bars with Callebaut cocoa liquor and Erythratol. Any advice on ratios? Should I make it in my melanger or would just melting, adding and tempering work? I made the mistake of buying Callebaut sugar-free with Maltitol and it is definitely a laxative. Now still stuck with a lot of it. Any advice is most appreciated.
  2. Sadly my assistant won’t be able to come, but I will be there! If anyone is willing to share a hotel room, I’d be most appreciative!
  3. Hi there Melissa! I will be passing through Syracuse on my way. Happy to share the ride!
  4. Hi Kerry/Everyone! Looking forward to Buffalo! Put me down as a yes! May also be bringing along my new and talented assistant.
  5. Hi Kerry,sign me up for the nut paste master class and anything involving food/dining out and copious amounts of red wine!
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