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  1. Made a promise to stop living at egullet if this happened for me...so this will be my last post. I got a stage at Guy Savoy. No help from school. Just walked in myself. Thanks for all those who tried to help.
  2. Loufood, I have earned my cuisine diplome. I'm asking the school for a cuisine stage, not pastry. I had specifically asked them before I came whether they can arrange a cuisine stage for me. They said yes. I paid them my arm, my leg and my first-born. Now they say it's against policy. I am sure you had a positive experience with them, I'm not doubting that, you've had 9 months to build up a relationship with them. I have not had that privilege. What I am upset about is that they cannot give me a logical reason why I can't do a stage and study concurrently. If they said "the restaurants refuse to have a stage 5 days per week, they want a stage there 6 days per week" that's fine. I'll accept it. But I had asked that specific question, and the reply was "no, the stages are only there for 5 days per week." All they can muster is "against policy". yes, I am aware of that. So I'm not in that category. I know other people not fitting this category who have done stages. Yes, I am learning very quickly. I know hierarchy--I worked for the military--in my books though, admin people are not in the hierarchy; at least not the ones in school where their free lunches served in fine china are being paid for by my tuition. Louisa, you are a wonderful girl, and I can understand you find it hard to believe how a school that treated you nicely is screwing me over. I am not expecting a stage to fall onto my lap; I know I have to work at it. I guess I was just naiive in expecting something other than, "It's against policy, have a nice life."
  3. I need help. My cooking school has decided NOT to help me find a stage in Paris. This is because it is against their "policy" for students to be studying (2 days per week only) and doing a stage concurrently. I am being punished because I don't want to sit on my ass for 5 days out of the week. I've paid for all my tuition til the end of August and they won't refund me the last level (plus I lose the discount I received) if I pull out now. The school admin kept threatening me that I can't do it "on my own" because there's "paperwork" involved. I know that is NOT true and they're just after the extra administration fee that they charge me for finding me a stage. I am more than willing to go knocking on doors and begging chefs for stages in person. If there's any egulleteers out there who have staged in Paris and is willing to share some advice, please. Is there really paperwork that only "institutions" can arrange? I really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.
  4. Finally found Japanese Kishimen.... In Paris... In a chinese grocery store.... made in Korea..... everybody together now! It's a small world afterall, p.s. my Mexican roomate found chiles ancho and chiles seco for pozole in the same store!
  5. I tried to make the dish last night.....tasted good...but completely different from what we had in the restaurant. Maybe the broth is not dashi after all. I googled the names of dishes that various posters have given; there's one dish that has similar ingredients but it uses "dweng jang" (Korean bean paste) Would this give you a clear broth when cooked? thanks!!
  6. Kristin, darling, you're not getting older, you're getting wiser. but seriously though....fans of SMAP has nothing to do with age. When I was at their concert last year, I got ran over by the "o-ba-sans" with 2 young kids in tow cuz I was in her way of buying memorabilia.... The fan base is really wide!! from 8 to 80! and most of the folks at the concert were "o-ba-sans"....oh dear, I must be getting old.
  7. yup, Kristin, they're still alive and kicking.....I understand, either you're a fan or you're not....I mean really, for a boy-band, they have evolved from those humble beginnings....
  8. skchai, The SMAPxSMAP show has been on the air for ages. The bistro SMAP segment of the show also. It's almost always been teams of two, the one left out being Nakai, who is the "owner" of the bistro. His role is to chat up the guest as the 2 teams cook. Goro-chan left the show for a while after his traffic accident (he hit a cop and tried to flee the scene) so for a while the remaining 4 rotated through the role of the "owner" and the other 3 individuals cooked (including Nakai). I have to admit, the dishes do look very good. They have improved exponentially over the years. They always make something fusiony (shudder at use of that word); I have several of their cookbooks. The only thing I ever made was a spaghetti dish with mascarpone drizzle, and it was very good. So there you go....it's not a serious foodie program. I view it as entertainment, but the dishes they make do make me go, "hmmm, never would have thought of that combo before...". enjoy! you have years of back seasons to watch!
  9. Louisa, There's a Korean market in the 15th?????? well then, less travelling for me! Where is Hana? I know of one Korean/Japanese one in the 15th called "Mido"? or something on St.Charles, but it looks kinda small. thanks!!
  10. Louisa: I had it at a Korean restaurant called "Seoul" in the 15th. (really good bibimbap). Because the broth/sauce is clear, I don't think there was too much soy sauce in it. I guess I wondered whether Korean cuisine also utilized Bonito Broth, that was why I asked...but I guess I'll just have to cook it myself and see....thanks! I also tried to google the "tubujim" but unfortunately couldn't find anything. Maybe tomorrow I will talk my roomate into going to the Korean grocery store and check things out.
  11. Have been to La Rochelle in Shibuya (Tokyo) and Osaka. The one in Tokyo is very upscale, the one in Osaka is more casual. Have to admit it's one of my top 10 dining experiences. might be a bit blasphemous...but I enjoyed that meal in Tokyo more than meals I've had in 3-star Michelins in Paris. They have staff that speaks English at the Tokyo restaurant and are very friendly. It's in a high-rise building with an amazing view of Shibuya. I would recommend the Tokyo one over the Osaka one. cheers, Goyatofu
  12. I already checked recipe gullet so please don't slap me..... You know all the wonderful small dishes you get (for free!! yah)to go with the rice at Korean restaurants: the kimchi, the big bean sprouts, the daikon radish etc. etc. My Mexican roomate demanded that I go and find the recipe for one of these dishes or else no quesadillas for me anymore....so here I am looking for help. It's a deep-fried tofu (like the stuff you find in Chinese supermarkets) with spring onions, red peppers, ?green peppers maybe, shitake mushrooms. It's in a clear broth, the taste, I would say almost like Japanese Bonito Dashi.....please help me out if you know what this is. thanks!!!
  13. urghhhhhh!!! thank gawd I have a sister who lives in NYC and expects me to cook for her, now all I need to do is to make her believe that I can only cook out of LC and nothing else!
  14. must surf egullet more...a whole new forum and I didn't even know. My favs: Chai (any way I can get it; unfortunately here in Paris I can't find any, have to resort to making own very soon) Royal Milk Tea (finally figured out how to use Assam without it being too bitter; plus I just got some Assam leaves from Fauchon) HK style Milk Tea (made with egg shells and nothing less!) Cold Golden Oolong Tea (I think it's made by Itoen....maybe not; a japanese brand anyhow) and in the summertime, I have green tea ready in the fridge (Japanese brand from Uji: Geon TsuJili) . the best! Any chinese tea really...although I never cared too much for Dragon-Well.
  15. Ah! New York I can swing it. Will be in NYC for September on my way home...maybe I can pick one up then....when is the annual sale at the Panhandler?
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