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  1. I think tipping in general should just be removed. Just look at countries like the UK or Asian countries, nobody tips there. To me, a tip should be given if the service is good. It's something that shouldn't be expected. The problem is, almost all service in America expects you to tip them. Even if it's just a few percent, it really adds up over the years and the food gets too expensive for what its worth.
  2. Ya as I know, it will taste bad after the expiry date...So I am not sure because I never tried after it expires.
  3. Barbara Tarbuck

    4th of July

    My family and I went out to a steak house and had the most delicious steak we ever had in our lives.
  4. Ya if you dont trust them, then get a supervisor to check every day when they get off.
  5. hey guys, I am new here!! nice meeting you all.
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