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  1. I would also recommend a KitchenAid but the KSM150PSER Artisan with the tilt-head stand, not the one with the fixed head stand, I found this feature very useful. It is rather big and heavy but very reliable and powerful, 5 Qt., use it a lot to make bread, lots of attachments, over 7,000 excellent customer reviews, I think the price is right and I prefer the stainless steel bowl instead of a plastic container
  2. I cannot pretend to be an expert on black tea or even tea but always get leaf tea (never sachet) and organic if I can find. For Lapsang Souchong tea, I order from Solstice Tea Traders traditionally smoked (? again not an expert) but I do like it Apparently ( according to the package) smoked dry on pinewood fire, favorite tea of Sherlock Holmes... or may be rather the author Arthur Conan Doyle ...
  3. I agree about organic or not, for the yeast, for my bread, I like this Red Star yeast. However, I prefer to use organic flour
  4. Worked at a patisserie for quite sometime and one of the things I learned and enjoyed is a good chocolate sprayer you can create magic with fruits, ice cream, cookies, etc. Now I have one of the best Krebs Lm3 Hotchoc Heated Chocolate Spray Gun and let me tell you kids of the neighborhood love it Just a fruit, cherry, apple, grape, you name it, becomes a candy and ! a good healthy candy with dark chocolate which is high in anti-oxidants
  5. Yep ! also use bleach: Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner Spray with Bleach apparently "kills 99.9% of household bacteria in 30 sec. and kills also virus" and removes stains and grease that I can confirm
  6. I'have a Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Blue High Carbon Steel Black Damascus Kiritsuke Japanese Multipurpose Chef Knife 8.25 In with Nuri Saya Cover very high quality, got it from a Japanese chef, friend of mine. Best
  7. Interesting article ! Thanks for posting the link
  8. I've been baking my bread for quite a while and recently found Great River Organic Milling, Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour, grown in the USA. Excellent quality
  9. Microwave 1min. every week or so, that's what I read, and seems to work well.
  10. Have been using a set of Pyrex Corning Visions glass cookware; safe to cook acid-based food, made of glass-ceramic, dish washer safe, and pretty durable and easy to clean
  11. Me too, not too impressed by Costco wrap (although, find their big aluminium roll a good deal), and yes, also vote for theReynolds 916 2000' Length x 24" Width, PVC Foodservice Wrap Film, prefer a good width. For sure, good quality
  12. Have you considered growing your garlic, for now, I'm doing it now in pot on a balcony. Easy, buy one bulb, divide all cloves and plant them half-finger deep, water not too much. Of course doing it in a garden with several bulbs, you get lots of organic garlic for very cheap.
  13. True ! This is another option to get restored cast iron pans just wondering how to make sure this is (certified/recognized/... ? ) good quality
  14. gulator

    Bay leaves

    Unfortunately, no garden for now So, get bay leaves on-line in bulk and organic. Actually, for cooking this is very convenient, price is good, quality good, get another 1 pound bag whenever I need it. So, I am very satisfied
  15. I have this Cast Iron Skillet (12.5 inch) by Utopia Kitchen pre-seasoned, good quality and good reviews and also nutritional source of iron
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