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  1. Hello Folks, I assume many on this site like to make their own cocktail ingredients. While I haven't personally invented any yet, I not infrequently come across something in a magazine, book, or online that I want to whip up. Problem is, these recipes are almost always for an insane quantity of the substance. After all if you just want to make a few drinks for you and your S.O. or some friends why would you need to make a quart of an ingredient of which only a 1/2 oz per drink is required. I usually scale down the recipe but have often wondered why there is never any mention as to whether this will affect the final product or not. In food recipes it will often be stated that the recipe can be scaled down, many recipes can not simply be halved or quartered without upsetting the outcome. The other thing is that there is usually a note to "use within 3 days", or a week, or whatever, but there is never any mention as to whether this quart of dandelion juice liquid that you've just created ( did so for an actual drink ) can be frozen and if so for how long. Drives me nuts. I poured the 12 ounces or so of the stuff that I had left into an ice cube tray, and now I am left to wonder if I will be poisoning myself the next time I mix up a few of these tasty cocktails. Hey, us cocktail enthusiasts are not all running a bar! Anybody have any insight on this topic?