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  1. Santamaria's death is most disturbing. He was a multi-talented chef.It was our awareness of Santimaria's talents in the late '90's that excited our interest to investigate the newest and best of culinary advances in Spain. We loved Santamaria's talents. We were thrilled to learn that Santamaria was a great cook. Ferran Adria was the second chef that got our attention. So his premature death is a loss for his contribution to the culinary world. He will be missed. With great respect, Judith Gebhart
  2. Hello Jen: I apologize for the double posting. I am acknowledging also that for ICE CREAM Vognes has an outstanding product which I wholeheartedly endorse. Vognes has been around in NY and elsewhere for some time. Black Dog gelato is a new and different product for the Chicago market. I must add that, the NY TIMES magazine article of July 4th, raved about the ice cream products of Jake Godby, of San Fransisco who mans the Humphrey Slocombe ice cream parlor. He is as talented as Black Dog gelato's chef IMO. He, however, is an ice cream maker, not a gelato expert. They both see the endless offers that can be achieved with both these frozen desserts. For those that are afficionados of great frozen desserts, read the NY Times article of: I'll Take A Scoop of Prosciutto, Please. Read it and compare it with the talent of Black Dog gelato. Both frozen dessert makers are producing memorable products. Judith Gebhart
  3. Recently visited the new Black Dog Gelato shop located at 869 N. Damen, the talented owners offer a thrilling array of unique flavors. We sampled many and every bite was better than we've had anywhere else. The chevre caramel cashew was the best I have ever tasted; the flavor combinations are complex, different and all sublime. So run, walk, drive or bus to experience the incomparable gelato flavors and bring cash. Recently opened they currently take only cash. You will be delighted. Judith Gebhart
  4. Just recently went to Black Dog Gelato located at 869 N Damen (2000 West). It has the most creative, delicious gelato I have tasted anywhere. Sampled many flavors; the Chevre caramel cashew gelato was heavenly. Run, walk, bus or drive there and take cash! They recently opened and only take cash. You will be thrilled. Judith Gebhart
  5. I have read all of the eGullet entries about Roellinger's retreat from the Michelin 3 star demands. I am disappointed but I think I understand his personal dilemma. He is a major talent that will continue to produce great food regardless of the venue. We have been his faithful followers over the years. We have all his superb spices; we have duplicated his wonderful compounded spices: like the Grande caravane. His contribution to us as cooks is invaluable. Every visit to Les Remains has been a cherished event. Our dining experience has always been extraordinary. His restaurant will be missed. We believe his cooking skills will be forever available to the diner. We will return to this chef who has made a superbly creative footprint in Frances' culinary history. He is still an extrordinary contributor to the current French culinary scene. Judith Gebhart
  6. Everything (the restaurant and Alicia) is in the same monastery. It is a huge complex. ← Yes, it is a big complex. I visited it shortly after it was announced that Alicia would be put there and work had started on it. Alicia was a planned destination for my next visit to Catalunya, now doubly so. ← had a great visit there yesterday and a very strong lunch at angle with jordi cruz, the set up is amazing at alicia and very much worth the visit, i was there for a workshop with joan roca and el poblet,oh and mugaritz crew so was a very interesting day. the restaurant is very modern with dark colours and lots of glass with a great terrace and had jordis full tasting menu ← I am grateful for the response to Jordi Cruz's latest location and his superb cooking. It seems that he is in full form. I have been out of touch with eGullet contacts for some unknown reason. I am now back. I am, albeit belatedly, glad to hear about his ongoing success in Manresa. We were in that region in May, 2008 but no specific details about the restaurant were available to us. He continues to participate with Spain's greatest talents, witness the last commentary from an interested eGulleteer. Thanks for your input. Sorry I am so late to hear about his work. Judith Gebhart
  7. As an ardent supporter of Andoni Aduriz, we are thrilled with his efforts to extend his great culinary efforts to embrace the city of Zaragoza. This is a strategic move. We think his expertise will be most successful and well received. We hope to speak to him within the next couple of weeks to hear his thinking on this innovative adventure. It is a win/win plan. This large, important city has few great dining destinations, so Andoni's presence is most desirable. We hope his plans are being realized and can be achieved relatively soon. This is his first venture outside of Mugaritz. We wish him the best. Judith Gebhart
  8. Your observations are definitely worth exploring. What did you like about each of these major talents? Judith Gebhart
  9. We followed his career and enjoyed his restaurant with great reservations over the years. We thought he was fixated on his Micri product. His unique product appeared in almost every dish that he served. He and his wife seemingly delightful people, were most welcoming. His efforts failed to make a great or even a very good restaurant. We were very disappointed for what seemed like a worthy talent. We both experienced his dishes as severely limited because of his primary Micri focus; his recipes were not exciting nor frankly tasty. His creativity suffered because of his myoptic views. I am shocked that he is headed for NY !! We are not surprised about the restaurant's demise. Judith Gebhart
  10. We have been faithful supporters of this very talented chef who worked at Estany Clar outside Berga in Barcelona province. We think his culinary contribution in Catalonia has been stellar. No longer the chef at Estany Clar, news is that he has another restaurant. He also, allegedly, served as the primary chef for the new high speed train between Madrid and Barcelona. Who knows where he might be cooking? We are very interested and curious. Judith Gebhart
  11. Thanks for the enlightened response. Do you know the name of the hidden village? Very very helpful. Judith Gebhart
  12. We are eager to learn what feedback eGulleteers have most recently experienced when dining in Asturia? Monday leaves few choices. We haven't dined at Gallery Art and Food. Any input about this restaurant would be appreciated. One publication indicated that the chef- Alejandro Urrutia--was the Spanish entry in the Bocuse d'Or! We have been to Casa Marcial, El Corral del Indianu in Arriondas and L' Alenza in Caces. We liked all of them. We would most likely return to Casa Marcial! Any recent dining reports in this area is welcome. Hope to hear from you, Judith Gebhart
  13. Probably not the best part to get proper rest, you'll love it if you don't mind being right in the middle of the action trading off some sleep. Go to Mugaritz. Andoni seems to be hitting the nail on the head these days while Martín, as much as I hate to say it, seems to be lost in complexities without aim. This is less obvious if you order the Martín's tasting menu, comprising both the newest dishes with past highlights. ← Thought I would add my enthusiasm for choosing Mugaritz. I totally agree with Pedro's assessment of Martin B's recent efforts.We were thrilled with our last two meals earlier this month (February) at Mugaritz; his consummate fois gras preparation achieved an all time high for us! He served fois gras with fresh sea urchins. It was a remarkable pairing of flavors. He also prepared another exquisite dish ..entitled an essay on salads: warm lettuce hearts soaked in vanilla brine, a dressing of balsamic vinegar and country milk skins. An amazing combination. Carrots cooked in clay, ash and perfumed grains in a concentrated broth of sauteed squid and Arbequina olive. A superb dish. His creativity is endless and each dish utterly delicious. His desserts were all unique and memorable. I savored the carmelized french toast enriched with cream and egg yolk. This was topped with handmade ice cream of ewe's milk. Divine! Hope that helps your decision making. Judith Gebhart
  14. Interesting article in the Tribune today. Wonderful news to have Chef Carlson back at Schwa. We welcome his return and await our next meal. The 14 dish tasting menu for Trotters' great cooks in Oct. 2007 was AMAZING. Thank you Michael for finally sharing your magnificent effort. I wondered what was served at that great dinner; now I know. Brilliant job. Judith Gebhart
  15. Dear William R. We just returned from Spain and found a new fine dining experience for in Bilbo. The restaurant's name is Azurmendi. Book lunch during the week or both lunch or dinner on weekends. It is located in Larrabetzu, just off the Xway to the airport (try to get directions). This was our first and only visit. It was an excellent meal - very inventive! The menu provided dishes with clear, clean flavors and all with such simplicity and elegance. The restaurant is in a local Txakoli (spelling?) winery. It is a very impressive building with delightful views. The attractive modern dining room is very inviting. The service is attentive and professional. Hope you can enjoy it and report back your impressions. We echo Rogelio comments regarding the Guggenheim. We have dined there many times. It has repeatedly provided a good dining experience offering both traditional and modern Basque cooking. We agree. Judith Gebhart
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