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  1. As for choosing a place to eat at I would recommend the restaurantguru.com website. It has convenient search options (by address, nearest city attractions, venue type, cuisines), moreover it has visitors opinions gathered from all popular web services. As for the two, you are asking about, I would choose none of them, for the atmosphere and decor first of all. But that's only my opinion... Probably, it's because I'am not a fan of Michelin restaurants, and their food... I prefer smth cosy, warm small places with intimate atmosphere, and with good portion of food on my husband's plate)))
  2. Hi everyone! New here, like veggie dishes but still can't do without chicken fillet My husband adores meat)) I like cooking various salads, don't like cooking dishes which take much time)) Glad to be here! Best wishes to you all! Have a nice day... and meal
  3. I have discovered in Sligo a restaurant called Miso, they serve awesome Japaneese cuisine, fantastic rolls and excellent sashimi. Now it is in the list of my favourites)))
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