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  1. Great hard-to-find condiments

    Delivery to Australia would be wonderful, albeit at a higher premium, surely.
  2. Cuts and scrapes

    Hello I guess, professional or not, most of us have battle scars from the kitchen. I witnessed a young apprentice chef take of the top of his finger on a mandolin, hospitalised. I've driven a very sharp chefs knife into my thumb through sheer stupidity, cutting a cake in half. please share your wounds (with/without pictures) to demonstrate to the younglings amongst us just how death-defying our passion is.
  3. Do you cook with a "360" vision?

    Hello friends. my question relates to certain dishes and their accepted sides. for example - if you were going to make smoked cod, the traditional accoutrements would be peas and white parsley sauce. you wouldn't serve the peas and white sauce with salmon. You would use dill, for example, and probably potato. I'm not sure if I am putting my question across correctly, but will just say, do you as a cook throw different influences together with any success?
  4. Hello all I have been providing portioned, ready to defrost and reheat meals for a very time poor family member. He has now told his friends and it looks like it could become a cottage business for me (with all the associated headaches that will entail!) He is loving what I already provide, which goes along the lines of curries, stir frys and casserole type dishes. Also, lasagne and pasta meals. I'm not a real chef, but my food is sophisticated and above novice level. I have been told many times that I'm a skilled cook. Intricate menu prep doesn't phase me, and I (embarrassingly) own just about every tool needed. I want to keep my menu exciting and moving, so any advice or ideas for meals that freeze and reheat well would be most gratefully accepted from me in this thread. thanks in advance.
  5. I’m eating Bunnings sausages in bread every weekend to just protest moving Australia Day. or something
  6. Oh, how excellent! Thanks so much. Now that I think about it, of course it’s an empanada! My silly brain was so focused on tamales that I didn’t even register that what I want to do is in fact an empanada. Problem now is that it is very difficult to find masa harina in my town. Closest I can get is polenta, but I don’t think that is the best ingredient to use.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the support and suggestions. I’m having lots of success with your menu ideas. I’m now moving into the new season menu plan (Autumn/Winter for us) I already have some lovely, hearty meals such as my from-scratch lasagna and a traditional Irish stew. following the idea of a pastie, I was thinking of trying a tamale style pastie filled with a Mexican beef ragu, served with refried beans and cacao sauce. thoughts?
  8. Cookie recipe

    Hello my very nice cookie recipe calls for 1tsp of baking soda, but I find it gives a chemical, unusual salty taste. could I substitute baking powder or something else to eliminate this?
  9. Cookie recipe

    I use Himalayan pink rock salt. I know it's more "salty" so I only use about 1/4 tsp. The original recipe calls for rock salt. Not sure if it's iodised. i don't rest the dough. thanks for your replies.
  10. Cookie recipe

    @Lisa Shock everyone raves about them, so perhaps it's just my taste, but I certainly get a metallic, chemical salt aftertaste on them.
  11. Cookie recipe

    Okies: 250gm butter 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup caster sugar 2 eggs 2 1/2 cups flour 2Tbsp cornflour 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 2 cups choc chips thanks for looking over!
  12. Worst cooking show ever

    I think I am able to separate cooking shows from entertainment nowadays. here in Australia, just about every "celebrity chef" with their own cooking show is a former MasterChef contestant. It's abundantly clear that they are just the mouthpiece, because if you watch the credits, there is an impressive team of "recipe consultants", "food dressers" and "food testers". i had to laugh, because it took me ten minutes to convince my partner that "Mystery Diners" was completely staged. i also opened a discussion with him about how there is never, ever a disastrous dish, nothing ever tastes anything but amazing, none of the celebrity chefs get flour all over them and the kitchen always miraculously cleans itself. its fantasy
  13. A menu, lost in transcription

    Even the amount of typos and grammatical errors on "reliable" news sites is a disgrace nowadays. for pity's sake - hire a proof-reader! (the fact that this site doesn't auto capital when you return a new line annoys me!)
  14. Lol happens all the time. we have people donate something and a couple of days later, they come back saying they didn't mean to donate it. if it's still there, no problem, but more often than not, it's already sold!
  15. Yep, being original- cardamom, what about yuzu? It's hard to find here, not sure about where you are. for something very unusual, what about something done with cucumber- perhaps an ice cream?
  16. @lindag absolutely! Thanks to everyone who has contributed!
  17. Desirable Vintage Cookware

    Okay, so a bit off topic, but I got this today -$1
  18. I'm going to spin this off from the other thread to keep things clean. although I have no room or reason, I've started a little collection of vintage cookware and would like your input on what you might think is collectible-not from a financial position, but just enjoying nice things from long gone days.
  19. Do you cook with a "360" vision?

    Yes. Exactly.
  20. Do you cook with a "360" vision?

    I'm very sorry, been a very tiring day. what I'm trying to ask is - when you have an ingredient, do you always default to it's accepted method of cooking, or the normal sides, or the dinner that should be served. another example - would you serve traditional turkey on your holiday with Asian stir fry, or Borscht with latkes, or as an extreme example, fish in red wine sauce? the 360 thing was just about - do you go outside the box and make things fit, or do you appreciate the dogma?
  21. The Dish Towel

    Anyone who has worked in the industry might be able to appreciate my OCD on this one. We have about twenty, various colours etc. But there are about six that are white and have a blue stripe and the word "glass" printed on them. woe betide anyone who uses them for anything other than polishing the glassware. As soon as one is used to clean up any kind of food spill or wipe out frypans, they become useless for polishing glasses.
  22. In the world of thrift shops, I firmly believe that they should have bundled those pink bowls together-say, 8 for $5 my reasoning comes from working in a thrift store. what often happens when you sell a set separately by piece is that someone buys two pieces and then someone buys one. In this case, the shop is left with 5 pieces, so a customer looking for a set of six will move on, and a customer looking for a set of four will buy, leaving the store with a lonely piece which is unlikely to sell. now, if you only wanted two of those bowls and didn't need the entire eight, fine - give them away to friends or whatever, but piecemeal selling is poor business for a thrift shop. BTW - your haul is very nice!
  23. Desirable Vintage Cookware

    Today I came across this. dont have any use for a vintage Pyrex 4oz baby bottle, but what the hey?
  24. Desirable Vintage Cookware

    Yes, and I have a regular client who collects anything with elephants.
  25. Desirable Vintage Cookware

    I'm getting this tomorrow, but with more tips. Tala piping set.