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  1. Croissant Troubleshooting

    Room temperature around here is cool, so I kept the oven actually a little higher - around 78℉. But you're saying you use a higher temperature than that? How high do you find works for you? I definitely chilled between turns, about 20 - 30 minutes each time. I was happy with the lamination... But no puff. My yeast isn't super fresh, but it works fine for breads and things. Like Tcd212121, I also froze my finished pâte for about a week before defrosting, rolling out and cutting. Would that make a significant difference? I'm wondering if the low moisture in the dough made me overwork it and turn it a bit tough? It wasn't easy at all to roll out, I had to let it rest a lot.
  2. Croissant Troubleshooting

    Hi! zombie post time. I made a second attempt at croissants recently and ran into trouble with the proofing phase. As you can see, the layers are present, but nothing puffed! I tried rolling the croissants looser and got a bit more air inside, but not nearly enough. I proofed these ones for 24 hours in a room temperature oven. I used the recipe from Baker & Spice (with less yeast than some other recipes, but also a preferment. I can post the details), and the method from Sarabeth's Bakery: From my Hands to Yours. The lamination process went fine, but the initial detrempe dough was dry and I needed to add more water, maybe overkneading it in the process? Ok, here's the recipe: 1 sachet fast-action yeast (7 grams is what I used) 500 g strong white flour (I used all-purpose but that should have only made the dough more moist?) 110 ml warm bottled water (20 C) 110 ml cold milk (10 C) 20 g Maldon salt 70 g fine sugar 250 g unsalted butter