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  1. I have attempted two starters so far and they both broke day 3. I have been using a hand whisk. I will try mixing it gently by hand and see if I get better results. What else could cause the dough system to break?
  2. The chicken I used was left over from the roast chicken recipe. I used the carcass from that bird plus a some extra wing tips and ground chicken tights in the stock. Blanched the bones and followed the stock recipe scaling exactly. The egg noodles were bought and done in salt water but were not "satly" to taste before going into the soup. Leeks and carrots turned out great. The aromatic broth after infusing the chicken stock was way too salty to even eat. I was making a half batch (due to the size of my French press), I was pretty sure I scaled out 7.5 grams of salt and I know I scaled out just under one gram of MSG because it should have been 1.5 grams but I was being conservative. I think there are two possibilities, 1 (most likely) I made a mistake and scaled out 15 grams of salt as per the recipe when I was making a half batch. 2. My chicken stock started salty from the roast chicken carcass that had been injected with brine. Next time I will add the salt and msg to taste to be safe.
  3. I made these a couple of days back. They are tasty and good to have on hand. Do they really only last 5 days in the fridge in the sealed jar they were cooked in?
  4. Do I need to add as much extra oil as the recipe has or just make sure they are covered with the fat/oil in the jar?
  5. I was making a half batch and added 7.5 g of salt and 2.5 g of msg and it was way to salty. I should have added it to taste. It was so salty I couldn't eat it. I used homemade chicken stock with the stock recipe from the "at home book".
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