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  1. hey guys.....just got a email back from craftsy . i asked them the question why he used a serrated knife using the cutting tech. that you would use with a chef knife. the answers was because the serrated knife he used in the video is much less serrated than a serrated knife that will cut bread or a dense material.:)
  2. i guess the correct answer might be that a serrated knife can be used in the fashion i had mention instead of saying just sawing........and yes i did tell you but didnt give a link,but you could look it up, not turning this into point fingers. thanks every one else for the help.
  3. so if was the case from the very beg.when i asked why didnt every one say what you said: " Because that's a fast and easy way to cut tomatoes and get through the skin (which can be tough and cause problems if your knife isn't sharp enough)". i am just saying:)
  4. i am chilled out......i just dont get why first a serrated knife is suppose to be for sawing and now its ok to use like a chef knife with chef knife cuts. trying to understand the knife styles and what they are used for or shall i say the cutting tech. i dont think thats wrong when you are starting out in the knife world. thanks ....... i dont believe there is no right way to do things if so than why do they have different knives for different cutting. using a serrated knife with a push cut is the cut at the bottom suppose to come in contact with board if its scalloped vs a straight edge blade. its like cutting cut with scissors but try to cut with a pair of thinning shears ....good luck...meant for thinning only.;)
  5. "The cuts he demonstrates are standard and can done with an ordinary knife as well as his serrated knife. " how is the cuts he makes can be done with a serrated knife be right? i agree his cuts he demonstrates are standard. yes i agree different chefs have different methods ,but using a serrated knife like he i describe is to me not right. we are suppose to learn from chefs or get some knowledge does one justify the way he uses the serrated knife is right.
  6. the question i had was not about a serrated knife being used on the tomato but it was the cutting tech. he used with the serrated knife on the tomatoe....,it is a tip down on board with serrated knife and a forward down cut. something i think would only be done with a chef knife................ just thought i would remind every one.
  7. you need to go to the serrated knife class,,,,,,,,,,,then where he is cutting tomatoes,to see what i am talking about. you can skip to the different classes up in the corner i believe there is a # go there.
  8. its free.....but dont want to waste my time if he is teaching the wrong tech. yes i agree it sure is practice, but when comes down to picking up a knife you should know the right way to use it.......or the efficient way.
  9. it is a serrated knife not one with gratons.
  10. the name is craftsy friend has the on line classes. you have to register to get on that site.
  11. I am looking to take a class on line for knife techniques,and I stumbled on one I think I would like. Got a glimpse of some of what this guy teaches and was not sure by what i saw if I want to take the class. What I saw was the teacher using a serrated knife like a chef knife in cutting tech.,what I mean by that is he was using a serrated knife using a cutting tech. that only I think a chef knife should be used for. He was cutting with the tip of serrated knife down on board and then doing a forward down cut through the item,which i would think a serrated knife you cant get a good cut that way bec. of the edge scallopeds or points. That cut is more for a chef knife bec. of the belly right? So looking on line and found mostly with serrated knife should use a sawing (back and forth movement) or a long pull. nothing like the teacher shows unless he knows something I dont. Does any one here know why a serrated knife could be used this way beside the way it is intended to be used? THIS is whats holding me up on joining or not....dont want to learn the wrong way to do things.
  12. Knife Use When Cutting Sandwiches

    i made club ,dagwood,grill cheese just to name a few. With grilled cheese sliding around until i seen not suppose to saw the sandwich but chop straight down. Other one seen video with tip of angled down and saw and other one seen video just with straight across saw.But again none of these ever said why they did what knife action ,except the grill cheese video.So i thought i would ask here. Thanks blue dolphlin on your input '" a cleaner, more even slice will result if the knife (or the material) is angled slightly so the entire cutting surface doesn't contact the change point at the same time. "
  13. Knife Use When Cutting Sandwiches

    isnt there some guide lines when to use what action instead of it all depends? only ask bec. in anything else like wood cutting there is................just trying to get a understanding on using the different actions when cutting. thx
  14. Knife Use When Cutting Sandwiches

    i thought i would give another example..if you were cutting wood with a hand saw you cut with tip angled to saw and also can cut with blade straight across to saw, but in wood cutting the reason you choose one over the other is because one you use for cutting across grain and other along grain.(this is what i was told if i remember correctly).So for cutting sandwiches why would you do tip angled saw vs straight across saw.
  15. Knife Use When Cutting Sandwiches

    what is the knife action used,this is what i am interested in. firm breads ..... chef knife... a chop or saw or tip of knife down and saw.? serrated knife.... soft bread action be saw or tip of knife down and saw?