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  1. Meat cutting

    ok...i understand what you said. but . why would you use tip pulling on meats?
  2. Meat cutting

    i have to ask is there anytime when cutting meat where you dont use full blade and pull back,Instead use only tip of blade and pull back when cutting meat? Seen clip of cutting raw ahi for sushi at shutterstock. com. where they used tip of knife to pull back and cut meat. When do you apply tip cutting vs full blade cutting on things? Is it for soft meat.....maybe ahi is soft? I think i just answered my question.
  3. Meat cutting

    thanks again.
  4. Meat cutting

    does this website, wiki how... 3 ways to slice meat seem to be ok ,or is the video btybrd posted better than wikihow.? being new in cutting it seems there kinda the same?
  5. Meat cutting

    Can some one help me understand what you are suppose to do when you cut any meat i have seen video LIKE americas test kitchen" how not to mangle your meat "they say never saw with knife but pull. But read and seen other videos where they say or show to use a sawing back and forth with knife. What is the right way?
  6. Knife techniques

    thank you for all your help and time paulraphael and btbryd. thanks every one.
  7. Knife techniques

    paulraphael, you say its basically a rock-chop with the tip off the board. why is it when i try to google it or look for it in knife cuts there seems to be no mention of this kind of cutting? is there a different name for this or some where else i can see this cutting action described. I seem to just find all rock chop.... with tip down from start to finish,nothing with mentioning a variation to it?nothing with starting tip off board. (like in video). I see high cuts with weinstein knife skills but that is a long stroke before reach heel, that starts with tip off board,nothing with starting tip in food first then heel down.,unless its a long stoke with knife which this is not.Sorry to be such a pain but would like to see more information on that particular cut. Thanks in advance.
  8. Knife techniques

    paulraphael maybe i am seeing the push cutting wrong but the video i asked about clearly puts the tip on a forward slice hits the board then heel comes down. with push cutting one you ref. a video to does not show tip hitting board.? could you tell me if if push cutting also does this . i always thought push cutting as long forward stroke then reach heel back of knife down. only a low cut technique starts with tip on board and you push forward and down,but here this also is not like video i mentioned either. the tip in the video i mention does not start at the board at all,you have to slide in a little and when tip hits board you bring the heel down. sorry i cant get the bold type off something is wrong with my computer. it seems to me the guy in the video i am talking about does maybe a thrust with point of knife and then brings knife heel down. thanks if you watch his video marcus burics types of cuts ,when he is doing the celery at 2:47 there is a very good close up of what i am asking.
  9. Knife techniques

    so the video i mention above what he is doing is probably a hybrid motion? since i posted been looking to see what i can find and it seems like its a rock chop ....(paper cutter) but in the above video it doesnt show tip down first then heel down ,it shows tip going forward till hits board then heel down. so....hybird motoin?
  10. Knife techniques

    been teaching my self cutting techniques and understand most cutting is suppose to be with a slicing motion (locomotion) and chopping isnt a good idea they say for knifes. But for some things i read you can use chopping ...with heel or middle or tip straight up and down. Well my question is while watching a video by Marcus Burics called types of cuts ....when he does celery strips and squaring off carrots he does tip of knife first down then back down ....can some one tell me what this type of technique is and what would it be called ?..If chop i only know to do with either tip ,heel or middle using a straight up and down motion. (nothing like he shows). THANKS....any help appreciated. Also seen when they cut a vegetable in half they have tip angled down when they cut and when tip hits the board they let the heel down,this also happens when squaring up a vegetable for cutting it julienne style, or making vegetable flat. yes i know there are many techniques for cutting with knife but never seen this used before.