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    Buon giorno!

    Ciao! I'm Christine and I'm a born and bred New Yorker. I’m an Italian by blood (and at heart, of course) since my parents actually came from Italy. My father was from Sciacca, Sicily while my mother was from Sondrio, Lombardy. Despite coming from different regions, or because of it, love for food and cooking has been one of the mainstays in my family home life growing up. And I’ve always loved the dishes my parents prepared during special occasions, and even on regular days. And of course, I love cooking (and eating) Italian food and I have a few recipes from my mother, but I'd really love to collect some more, especially the traditional ones. And if anyone can contribute some historical background to each dish, that would be really great. Grazie mille!
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    Salted Pasta Water: How Much Salt.

    5 to 6 quart size pasta pot, I mean. I think that would hold about 4 to over 5 liters of water.
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    Salted Pasta Water: How Much Salt.

    I'm not sure about the standard salt measurements when cooking pasta, I always just put a tablespoon-ful for a medium-sized pot of boiling water when I'm cooking pasta.