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  1. Welcome to the board! I am also from NC, although I'm in the Charlotte region. I am jealous of your H-Mart (although we have Super G, which kind of makes up for it).
  2. Interesting post. It's almost exactly the opposite of my approach. I like big references, and try to stay away from "picture cookbooks." I have references for French, Indian, and Italian cooking, plus Joy and a couple of Bittman books. I have a couple of the "picture books" from before I realized that I never cook anything out of them; Hazan or Jaffrey just feel like much better "space investments," so to speak. Photos of interesting food (and videos of people preparing it) can be found online if need be; I don't need them occupying my home.
  3. asthasr

    Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Fridge clearance night! Peas and fennel, sauteed mushrooms, quinoa (...finally using it up after it had been in the pantry for ages), and cherry tomatoes as dessert. Eclectic, to say the least.
  4. Unfortunately, I already disposed of the old blade when I requested a new one. I have kids and teenagers in the house, and I didn't trust that any broken pieces would be noticed rather than ingested.
  5. Finally got mine. Seems to be a bit heavier than the old one, although this might be my imagination.
  6. I like high arc faucets, because they let you get stuff under them. I haven't had any complaints about our pull-out sprayer, either, and I'll be a vote against built-in soap dispensers. (My experience is that they inevitably start leaking, and then you have a soapy mess under the sink.) The biggest thing, though, is that I only want a large, single compartment sink. Stainless steel. I resign myself to the fact that my sinks will always be scratched, because I drop things--but I want the scratching to be a purely cosmetic concern, not a functional issue as it is with enameled sinks.
  7. Nui. A Vietnamese noodle soup with carrots, green onion, pork ribs, cooked blood, and fish balls.
  8. I use Cambro containers. Not the most beautiful, but uniform and available in a variety of sizes.
  9. So, I noticed that people were talking about tweezers for cooking and picking things out of jars. Allow me to recommend a pair of cooking chopsticks! They are typically available at all Asian markets, or they can be purchased (at significant markup) online. I use them for a lot of tasks that would normally have me reaching for tongs.
  10. When I watched the Food Network (years ago), I found that Guy Fieri's personality was off-putting, but he (or the show runners) could at least find interesting places to eat. I'd frequently think: "Huh! That would be nice to try." The ones that drove me away were actually the ones like Sandra Lee and Rachel Ray, selling factory food as some sort of culinary revolution. "You can cook Cream of Mushroom™ Soup® in only five minutes! Just open a can of Campbell's© Cream of Mushroom™ Soup® and you're done!"
  11. Most things are made in China. It's hard to get much of anything anymore if you insist on Made in the U.S.A. That said, I'm probably going to go with the clad Vollrath because I like the continuous curve of its bottom.
  12. I just signed up for a replacement and received a confirmation email (at my gmail address) immediately.
  13. @DiggingDogFarm Ahhh, good point. I was actually looking at the Tribute, which is tri-ply, not the Intrigue. However, the Vollrath is much more expensive than the Sur La Table edition. Any idea why?
  14. I am considering the purchase of a saucier now, and was wondering how you've been satisfied with your purchase. Has it held up to abuse? Which size did you end up getting?
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