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  1. Hey there, for a long time I had the wish to set up a (very) small home bar and finally -thanks to Amazon's Black Friday sale, Christmas, my birthday and some free time- got around to kick things off. I would now like to get some feedback on my spirits of choice (most of them were aquired for up to 25-50% off or are old presents) as well as some suggestions on what to get next. For the most part, I followed the "12 bottle bar" guide... thus the odd Genever, but I am still trying out different drinks here and there to really figure out what I like. Also, if there are better alternatives to the spirits I got, please feel free to tell me. Brandy - Remy Martin Gin - Bombay Sapphire Genever - Bols Amsterdam Amber Rum - Plantation Barbados 5 White Rum - Flor de Cana 4 Extra Dry Rye Whiskey - Rittenhouse Bourbon Whiskey - Buffalo Trace Blended Scotch Whisky - Johnnie Walker Gold Vodka - Absolut Tequila - Patron Reposado Orange Liqueur - Cointreau Dry & Sweet Vermouth - Noilly Prat & Martini Rosso Aromatic & Orange Bitters - Angostura & Regan's - Amaretto Kahlua Limoncello Maraschino - Grenadine - Bols - Jägermeister (obligatory, I guess... I'm from Germany) Wu Liang Ye (Chinese Baijiu, gf is from China so there's always some of that stuff around) Thanks in advance. Cheers, Sellfish
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