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  1. Cooking Bacon in Sesame Oil.......

    Hello my foodie friends! I have a question for you guys, and I am wondering if any of you have ever tried this.. I realize that I might be trying to improve on something that is already perfect, but such is my nature sometimes.....:) Have any of you ever tried frying bacon in sesame oil? Since those more vegetarian oriented always comment that sesame oil tastes like bacon to them (and to me to a degree), I'm wondering what everyone's take is on this idea.. Overkill? Won't work? Bad idea? I'm open to it all.... Thanks in advance for all info you might have....:)
  2. Thanks to all of you for sharing that info, including good to know stuff when in Tampa...:) That will be delicious! I was thinking it was dill on this sandwich (or at least that's always been my favorite).. Just seemed right with the mustard, ham and everything else.. Just a killer sandwich! I wanted to get it right and knew you guys would know the right way to do it here at eGullet...
  3. Hello to my very informative friends at eGullet! I have a quick question, but it's one that I've struggled to figure out for awhile now... Actually, no stress here, as I think I know the answer to my question already...........at least I know what works for me! My question is, when making a traditional Cuban, do you use dill or sweet pickles? I anxiously await your answer! I've seen all sorts of recipes for this sandwich using both, so the question remains.. As stated above, I do know which I prefer, but for tradition's sake wanted to get the lowDown from the pros at eGullet! Thanks in advance for any info you might have.....:)
  4. Making Limoncello

    Hello EvergreenDan, and thanks for your response back.. Please forgive, but I'm unsure what you are suggesting above.. Right now, I have the vodka and lemon zest together marrying..........and the sugar/water mix does not go in (according to my recipe anyway.........via Giada Laurentis) until the marinating has completed.. I'm just wondering how long I should allow this marinating to occur given the lower alcohol vodka I have used.. Thanks again to all info you guys can provide....
  5. Making Limoncello

    Hello, and thanks for all your comments on my Limoncello question.. So, as an extension to this general topic (please let me know if I need to start a new thread for this), I wanted to ask your opinions on how long I should let the vodka and lemon zest sit given I DID NOT use 100 proof but the 40%/80 proof stuff.. My question is...........what is the minimal amount of time for this to turn out well.. My significant other and I are pretty impatient.....:) Thanks in advance any info on this....!
  6. Making Limoncello

    Hello to all... I had a question with regard to how to make Limoncello.. Most of the recipes I've seen call for "peeling" the lemon in strips then scraping off the pith with a knife before putting it in the Vodka, etc.. Wouldn't zesting do the same thing? I'm thinking it would be much easier, and ultimately get less white pith in the final product.. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide....