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  1. Fortunately, the perpetual sun in California allows us to have raspberries in winter here in Canada! minas6907 - That Earl Grey and Bailey's ice cream combination sounds so good - must try it when the weather warms up. Darienne - Agree with Pierogi about the five kinds of chocolate. Wow!
  2. Tried the "Cheesecake Mosaic" recipe from Pierre Herme's new book, Pastries. There were some reviews that said the volume conversions in the recipes were off, so I worked off the weights, instead. Unfortunately, the pistachio cheesecake part did not set well, so was a bit runny. The pistachio mousse turned out well, with good texture and flavour. I did not have sour cherries, but used fresh raspberries, instead. Overall, the flavours and textures complemented each other, with nuttiness from the toasted pistachios/pistachio paste, freshness from the raspberries, and a touch of saltiness from the salted white chocolate and base.
  3. Ordered this, too, and am anxiously awaiting the March 1st publication date. From the few reviews on-line, the photographs look really good. Can't wait for it to arrive! Just received an email that the book has shipped. Woo hoo!
  4. I ventured there this morning and managed to snag a double-baked almond croissant that had just come out of the oven. The toasted sliced almonds on top coupled with the deliciously rich and warm almond filling - simply amazing!
  5. Thank you, Dorie! I was very fortunate to have had an opportunity to taste one of Pierre Herme's Ispahan creations while in Paris last year (arrived late at the shop, but managed to snag the last one in the case!). The flavours were wonderful as a filling for my DD's birthday cake. Now, I will have to think of another PH recipe for next year's birthday cake...
  6. Thank you! It was a lot of fun making the fondant penguins and iceberg. All hail to Pierre Herme - he truly is a master! The rose/lychee (and raspberry) combination has such a lovely balance of flavours.
  7. For DD's birthday, I made a "Hula Penguins in Antarctica" cake using the Perfect Party Cake with vanilla bean buttercream. Inside, there was a filling of buttercream flavoured with rose essence and dotted with lychees - an ode to PH's Ispahan.
  8. I had this problem when using a Pyrex bowl. You must use metal and you'll have no problem at all. ← I would agree with CanadianBakin' that a metal bowl over simmering water would be better. I did whisk for longer than 10 minutes (can't recall how long, but not long enough to get a sore arm!), and the temperature got close enough to 180 degrees. The cream is definitely worth the effort as it is one of the most delectable things that I have ever tasted.
  9. I finally got around to making a tart using PH's Lemon Cream recipe. Why did I wait so long?? It is the most delectably luscious creamy concoction: a wonderful blend of tartness and sweetness with the most pleasant texture. Wow!
  10. Wow! Everyone's creations look fabulous! I made a 6-layer cake using some of the components from Pierre Herme's "Faubourg Pave" (cocoa cakes, caramel syrup, chocolate caramel ganache).
  11. Amrita, I cooked the raspberries slightly in a bit of blackberry jam and lemon juice which took an edge off the tartness. The slight tartness balanced out the richness of the mascarpone and the nuttiness of the almonds/amaretti biscuits. BTW, your creations are truly fabulous! Those macarons especially look divine. Next month, I will be heading over to Paris to indulge in all the macarons available at Pierre Herme! Also, I used to live in Singapore over 10 years ago. The culinary scene has certainly changed as now all the best ingredients are readily available for the home cook. Back then, it was rather torturous for me to have to live in flats that did not have ovens... Did not bake a single thing the entire 3 years that I was there.
  12. Made a raspberry trifle with mascarpone, amaretti, lemon syrup, blackberry jam, and almonds for tea yesterday. Although very rich, it tasted light on the tongue.
  13. I suppose that it is often true that aesthetics reign supreme. I am always amazed by the precise artistry of Japanese sweets. It's too bad about the lack of flavour, though. However, the price is rather extravagant for just a few bites!
  14. lannie

    Narita Airport

    Sanrensho, thank you for your suggestions. It does sound like Shinjuku and/or Shibuya would be a better choice since most happenings at Harajuku would over by early evening. I suppose that for an 11 year-old's first exposure to the Tokyo night scene, Shinjuku would be cool with all the lit up skyscrapers and neon signs (but, maybe not Kabuki-cho! ). He'd probably also like to see Hachiko at Shibuya Station. Thanks again!
  15. lannie

    Narita Airport

    Thanks for the concerns about the logistics of the trip from Narita into Tokyo. We actually arrive at 2:30pm in Narita, and have an overnight hotel there before an onward flight the next morning. So, I'm hoping that there will be time to get into Tokyo proper by late afternoon, have a nice supper, see a bit of the night happenings, then back to Narita for some sleep. Thanks for the suggestions of Shibuya and Shinjuku. I was also considering those areas.
  16. Wow! Great pics! I am intrigued by photo 0969 - the multi-coloured half-circle thing, that, if edible, looks mighty tasty! What is it?
  17. lannie

    Narita Airport

    Where would be an interesting area to bring an 11 year-old boy on his first sojourn to Tokyo? It'll only be a short 5-hour visit on a Sunday (in transit at Narita). I am leaning towards Harajuku, Takeshita-dori, Omotesando, Meiji-jingu. He'd probably get a kick out of seeing all the young people dressed up in funky outfits. Does anyone have other ideas/suggestions? Thanks!
  18. Dorie, I am definitely looking forward to enjoying all sorts of decadent desserts with my daughter. She has already had the pleasure of having a mini Faubourg Pave for her 1st birthday - perhaps, the Plaisir Sucre will be centre-stage for her 2nd one! I know that she will love it!
  19. Just have to say that the recipes I've made so far (Classic Banana Bundt Cake, Black-And-White Banana Loaf, and Rum-Drenched Vanilla Cakes (minus the rum drenching)) have all received a rousing thumbs-up from my 15 month-old daughter. She gobbled it all up and keeps asking for more! Thanks for the great collection of recipes, Dorie! Congratulations on your James Beard nomination!
  20. Oh, I'm sure that your son will love the Pave. My daughter wailed like a lunatic when we took it away from her (of course, we gave it right back so that she could enjoy the delectable treat). The Faubourg Pave has to be the single, richest treat that I have made so far - love the smoothness of the caramel ganache. BTW, your raspberry chocolate tart looks delicious! Great job!
  21. I finally got around to making the Faubourg Pave. The flavours are amazing! I also made a 'mini' version for my baby's 1st birthday treat - her first taste of sugar and chocolate may as well be a worthy one!!!
  22. Lucky!!! I was fortunate enough to attend a Wybauw demonstration in Calgary a few years back - he made Holiday showpieces, divulged some of his pearls of wisdom, and let us sample his wares! Such an affable gentleman! Can't wait to hear some of the tips that you learnt.
  23. Ooh, with the 'thumbs up' from Lord Balthazar and a 'fear of losing out' since they're almost sold out warning from Canucklehead, I think that I will get me some Sea Harbour mooncakes asap! Funnily enough, the shop here in Cowtown has dozens upon dozens of boxes of them, in an array of flavours. Hope they're not gone by the time I get there this weekend...
  24. Canucklehead - In previous posts, you've raved about the food at Sea Harbour. I had a chance to go on my last trip out to the west coast, and had a very memorable meal there. The other day, while strolling through an Asian supermarket in Calgary, I stumbled upon boxes upon boxes of mooncakes - made by Sea Harbour. Just wondering if anyone had tried them, and whether or not they were up to par with the rest of their offerings.
  25. I'll be heading out west again, and have a hankering for some delectable chocolates and cakes. The last time I was in Vancouver, I tried Thomas Haas chocolates (Yum! Esp. the Campari ones...) and Ganache Patisserie (delicious and very well-constructed mini cakes). Are there any other can't-miss chocolatiers and patisseries in town that I must try? Thanks!
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