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  1. ??? Not sure I understand... ← Boy - winesonoma - your opinions are offensive and hurtful, Maybe I am being thin-skinned right now, but a lot of hard work, thought and money went into building our custom red oak (not plywood) cheese bar. Luckily, opinions like yours don't stop us from trying out new things. Though I don't expect everyone to like everything we do there are certainly constructive ways of stating your opinion. I love Sonoma, I love our restaurant community and I truly appreciate all of the hard work that all of the restaurants are doing on a day to day basis. We all work very hard, live this life 24 hours a day and sharp, biting remarks hardly support a community feeling or a sense of maturity . Sondra "figgirl" Bernstein
  2. Of course we would love to have you at the girl & the fig, but you may also want to try Cafe Le Haye off the Sonoma square or LaSalette on Highway 12 heading west.
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