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  1. Anything that your tongue loves in coarse grind is good for french press...after all it's personal taste that matters.
  2. -Get freshly roasted beans from some local roaster. It eliminates the roasting equipment. - Get a good grinder from Baratza, Mazzer or Rancilio - Get some good coffee machine from Breville, Gaggia or Saeco You are done...
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    In my view, actually there are two parts....peopel who don't have much time for doing the coffee making in traditional way are going to love Nespresso whereas, people who are doing traditional from long time won't be able to switch to Nespresso. Driving an automatic car and a manual one has some difference. Automatic is easier to drive but manual is totally different.
  4. Hi, it feels great to be a part of Egullet and I guess it's gonna be a totally fresh experience here. I am the author of Friedcoffee, which is a coffee based site serving people info about many things related to coffee. Recipes, news, reviews are part of this site. It's going to be a great time here...
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