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  1. Hi; I've just started reading through some of the posts, and topics here, and I hope to post something beneficial to contribute when the time comes. I am fairly new to baking, having just finished a year of Culinary school (s). I am 62 yrs old now,and having retired from the building trades (Cabinetmaker / Finish Carpenter), I needed something to challenge me, and spend some time out of my comfort zone. I started with a 6 months of Cooking school here in Vermont, learning the basics / and science connected with that, with a little experience working the line (wow !). After graduating with a certificate from that school (Community Kitchen Academy / Vermont Food Bank), I applied to NECI (New England Culinary Institute), and began the Baking and Pastry certificate program there. Having just graduated from there, in good standing, I need to keep studying the science and practices...keep the passion alive , and see where it leads next. I was looking on the web seeking a used / affordable dough sheeter, when I came across this fine forum. Thanks for having me. Michael
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