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  1. Stabilizing fats and solids

    That's why I tried with maltodextrin in order to absorb excess fat! Concerning the chocolate I'm looking to use Cacao paste, skim milk powder and sugar in order to avoid classics problem with the cacao butter ambiant temperature. Xanthan shouldn't works in classic pesto because there no water (hydrocolloid) but I can add a bit just in order to have something "emulsifiable" because there no water in the pesto! Concerning the milk, fat in homogenized milk is breaking down in globules very smaller and is now binded to milk proteins, that's why there no separation, it seems to be a lethicin like Thanks guys!! Trying things and come back if I found a way to do for these research! I'm listening for any ideas with pleasure!
  2. Stabilizing fats and solids

    Thanks for feedback! In fact the separation doesn't bother me usually, in my case for pesto it's because I have a massive usage of it during the service and have to mix it before use it all the time is a bit boring! For nuts paste the problem is a bit more to have something stable, even when used on something a bit hot (to avoid to have something too fatty in the mouth!). I make a gianduia paste done with very high nuts percent and serve it on a hot bread and I'd like to have something with a better mouthfeel and texture, specially because the fat is melting too much for nuts! I'll look for the rotor motor, the colloid mill, hydrogenated fats!
  3. Stabilizing fats and solids

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a way to stabilize fats and solids togethers, for example in nuts paste.. The idea is to avoid the obvious separation problem. I looked a bit anyway on Google and in my books at home and so on, but nothing seems doing the job (mostly because it's just fat, no water added, I tried with maltodextrin in order to absorb excess fat but I lost the creamy texture of the paste, I maybe used to much) I've the same problem with things like pesto, oil is always separating the solids parts (nuts, basil leaves..), in this case the only way I found is to dehydrate leaves before making the pesto and to rehydrate with water / oil / lethicin.. But I doesn't feel good with this idea (basil is only good fresh). An advices for these problems? Thanks guys!