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  1. you can get pasta water very starchy if you use a saute pan and no lid
  2. yeap! that was going to make up the majority of the meat in my head cheese
  3. So in the end I took off the cheek muscle, for a few reasons, namely: guanciale in its essence is just fat around a sliver of meat, and you're supposed to cut off the edges before cooking, and if you're doing that with the cheek, then there's not much cheek left it's more work to remove the cheek with the jowl some of the cheek recipes, namely the ramen look good! I have 8 small bits of cheek here that I'd love to put to use. Hope the guanciale turns out well! I've been addicted to this, and have been using it in place of bacon ever since I found out about it!
  4. Unfortunately mine doesn't have ears, and it won't have a face after the jowl is removed so there's not much left. Maybe a head cheese
  5. I was thinking that, but it's more work to remove it with the jowl, as you have to pry it out of its cavity. It's easy to remove the jowl just by cutting around the edge and ripping it off. Plus, as as different muscle I thought it might better suited to something else.
  6. I'm butchering a pig head to make guanciale. I'm not sure what I should do with the cheek muscle that's under the jowl. Is that usually a part of the guanciale itself? Since I'm curing, is there another charcuterie recipe for this muscle? Or should I just braise it or make it into mince?
  7. yoboseyo

    Pancetta troubles

    Sounds like I have nothing to worry about then! just it's a bit softer than I thought, but there's less salt than last time. The recipe I used was this: https://ourdailybrine.com/how-to-make-rolled-pancetta-recipe/
  8. http://www.womenofchina.com.cn/html/report/1163-1.htm story of laoganma
  9. yoboseyo

    Pancetta troubles

    that kinda defeats the purpose of letting it sit in the fridge, no? the excess salt won't get drained and it's going to take that much longer to dry. I'll leave it in for a few more days and hopefully I get a palatable result. I'm not sure how to go about my next one so that this doesn't happen again, though
  10. I've heard it called garland chrysanthemum
  11. yoboseyo

    Pancetta troubles

    The problem is, the I didn't drain the liquid away. The liquid just left the bag like it dried up or something. It's very odd...
  12. yoboseyo

    Pancetta troubles

    Yea, 10g was cure #2 (6.25% nitrite, ~3% nitrate) Just wondering whether sealing the bag would've made a difference, holding the brine in. Also I added ~60g sugar. I heard things about sugar making it soft, but I'm not sure. If all else fails I'm going to just go with what the recipe says and leave it in the fridge for 2 weeks total and then hang it up. I wonder what the consequences of hanging it up soft are.
  13. Novice at meat-curer looking for advice. I'm making 2 pancettas this season. The first one I used the over-salting technique. What I didn't expect was that the salt would all turn into brine in a day, and I expected that I could scrape away the excess salt at the end. Instead, I left it on the brine for too long, and the result was too salty. The meat firmed up in 2 days so I should've taken it out then. For my second one, which is currently in the fridge, I used the equilibrium salting technique. I added about 100g salt for 3.5kg meat. The problem now is that it's not firming up seemingly at all! It has been 9 days in the fridge, and flipping it every day or 2. After 6 days, however, there was no pool of brine left. I put the meat in a folded over but unsealed bag. Did the brine evaporate or resoak into the meat? Any advice on how to continue would be appreciated.
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