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  1. Oh I totally missed that, in that case it is murder. Unbelievable how someone would deliberately do that to another person. Makes me sad to hear
  2. Can't believe nobody here has suggested Freddy´s BBQ Joint yet
  3. I used to work at a Mediterranean place in DC called the Veranda. I think they might still be closed for renovation, otherwise it is worth checking out. Really enjoyed my time working there
  4. Whenever I visit a restaurant as a customer, and not as a chef, I make sure the parent knows to control their child or else I will. Our waiters are told to ask patrons to leave if they refuse to stop their children from screaming. Parents these days, they are gonna be the death of me...
  5. Oh wow... All it takes to mess up your life is to lose your focus for just a second. Sad story
  6. We have always had a policy where our staff should not wear perfume that has a strong scent. It doesn't belong in the restaurant
  7. Lisi

    Freezing Fresh Cheese

    Of course, you can freeze it but the taste might have changed when you thaw it. Depending on what type of cheese you are freezing it might become a bit dry
  8. I make regular tahini sauce as a side for falafel filled with garlic and lime juice. Haven't tried mixing it into the tahini though. Looks nice
  9. DeCecco and Barilla are my go-to pastas. Just go watch Gennaro Contaldo and you will see that it's not about what kind of pasta you use as much as it is a matter of knowing how to use it
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