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  1. Thanks, Johnny! We love our trips to Portland, even if they are less frequent than in days gone by. (And I always appreciate your input.) If I had to guess, I would say our first trip to Portland was around 1997. And I would guess that our first Portland destination restaurants were Back Bay Grill, Fore Street, and Street & Co. Many things have changed in fifteen years (and I would guess this will be around our twelvth trip up), but I am always pleased that those three are around - though it has been many years since we've been to BBG. We 100% look forward to Bresca and Fore Street. I'll let Leslie choose the third dinner. We have the Hugo's rez but may switch, since we have already been - maybe to Bar Lola. We'll definitely hit Miyake for a lunch (and Duckfat, of course). And drinks at Grace. @UnConundrum - maybe the lobster diavolo for two at Street & Co.
  2. We have an upcoming trip with tentative reservations at Fore Street, Hugo's, and Bresca. No way am I changing Fore Street - too much sentimental attachment! But with the change at Hugo's (hearing anything re Rob's plans?), should I try for Miyake instead? (Was considering it for lunch.) Also, is Grace worth it? It's beautiful looking (maybe a place for a pre-dinner drink?) but how's the food hold up? Bresca sounds worth it, if we haven't been? Anything else new and can't miss?
  3. I noticed that last week - though a friend noted that there is a http://www.speckrestaurant.com site that looks like the old one. I was more struck that the Speck tags seemed to be removed from the Studio Kitchen blog (as was the great Speck Q&A) - all of that had really got me wondering. I'm a big fan of Shola's food and hope this situation can be salvaged, but it doesn't sound promising.
  4. I hate to say it, but "within a month" has almost passed us by. I feel like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin!
  5. Club Chasse certainly belongs on the list of seven, if you're talking refined, high-end. APDC is a must. Joe Beef is a little more refined than APDC, though similarly casual. Great food. (My significant other and I visit Montreal once or twice a year for a long weekend - we always eat at APDC and Joe Beef, and find something different for the third.) Chloe is the best chocolate maker in Montreal - not even close. And right next door to APDC.
  6. Great video, Johnny! It looks like it was a wonderful meal.
  7. (Bump) We're going to Iceland later this fall and am curious as to whether anyone has new thoughts on interesting dining there. Has New Scandinavian Cuisine hit their shores?
  8. Just realized that I never posted. We went to T.J. Buckley's and it was fantastic. And what a place to watch everything that is going on during your meal. Three people making it seem almost seamless. We really loved the dinner - I'll try to dig up the notes from it.
  9. Joe Beef is different enough that it is worth the visit - more variety in the dishes at Joe Beef, but a similar dedication to regional ingredients. We spend three or four nights in Montreal each Fall, and APDC & Joe Beef are two that are definite stops. Toque is very good but not unlike many 'best restaurant in town' kind of places - FWIW I liked Lumiere in Vancouver better, when we went about a decade ago - very similar kind of places. Le Club Chasse et Peche is worth the stop. Graziella, for Italian. We ate at the chef's table at Europea last Fall, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience - very good restaurant, but the table was especially great, overlooking the kitchen. Best chocolate in town is from Chloe. Byblos is a great place for breakfast - omelets like none you've ever had. Milos is great and the lunch deal is a steal.
  10. It's the Au Pied de Cochon in Miami that closed in December 2009. http://blogs.wherethelocalseat.com/category/Restaurant-Closings.aspx As far as I know, Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal (to which this thread is devoted) is alive & well, and not related to the APDC that was in Miami. Just to be clear, these were specific references to APDC Montreal. Once was last Fall. The latter reference was about a month ago from someone who "knew an impeccable source" but then who said within a week or two that Martin changed his mind. It seemed just too odd that I heard this twice in the course of about six months. The first time seemed unlikely, the second seemed knowing. Obviously, APDC is always packed, which is why I wondered what other reason could be for the rumored closing.
  11. Bumping this up especially as I have heard rumors that APDC may be closing. Any idea what is going on and why?
  12. (bump) Going to Brattleboro later this Fall. Any updated recs for dinner? No restrictions - just looking for the really good local eats/chef/cook. thx / cg
  13. Yes, BYOB. Best bet... Shola will send an e-mail to the whole group with details. Just do a reply-all and open up the wine topic (it's what I've done with these). Folks will pretty actively reply with what they are thinking of bringing. Then you'll have a nice variety. (That said, if any dinner screamed oak-y Chard, it's a corn dinner.)
  14. Thanks, Johnny. I will take it under advisement! Looking forward to getting back to Portland. And we'll definitely stop in Burlington - but will save room as we're eating at Joe Beef the night we get in to Montreal (Joe Beef and APDC and always our 'can't miss' stops (with Anise closed) - the third Montreal meal is always the tough call. (btw - when we had to cancel last year's trip to Maine at the last minute, it cost us our res at Arrows, another place we have wanted to try - though I've seen some less than glowing comments about it the last couple of years.)
  15. And while I am thinking about it, if anyone has a suggestion for a good lunch stop between Portland and Montreal (as we've never taken that route), I'm all ears.
  16. Visiting Portland in the fairly near future for two nights. This used to be our go-to getaway, until supplanted by Montreal. This year we're (sort of) combining the two. Was last there two years ago (had reservations last year but sick dogs - since recovered - preempted the trip). Over the 10+ years we've been going... Fore Street, Street & Co., Hugo's, 555, Back Bay, etc... What a great food town! (Nice Gourmet piece, btw.) So for the two nights, the plan is Street & Co. (because if I was going to open a restaurant, it would be just like Street & Co.). And Fore Street. The only reason I throw out the post... one place we haven't been is Cinque Terre. Should it knock one of the stand-bys out? Johnny D., we put ourselves in your capable hands.
  17. Same here - can't do this Friday, but will be there for IDSK3. I know Shola's got a following, but it will be tough to get 10 on short notice, IMHO.
  18. Not a word - somebody who posts on another board said that Shola responded and said that he would decide last night and let everyone know. It's weird that he has kept the meal and the links to reservations up on the SK site throughout. And it looks like one could purchase (I went as far as I could without hitting the Paypal purchase button just to see if there would be a notice that it was either sold out or closed. Who knows until we hear? I suspect he won't change his mind - because not everyone will be flexible with the timing. It would be nice to hear this morning. Maybe more people have tried to sign-up, too?
  19. That would work - you'd be out between 2:30 and 2:45.
  20. I don't think Shola thinks so - not at the last minute on a holiday weekend. But I would hope so.
  21. Shola's message said that they wanted 10 (which was the limit each night). Since there were already reservations made, they split their group over two nights, Then they called Shola yesterday and said either all of them together or none of them at all - now that it will be difficult to fill the tables at the last minute.
  22. I offered to switch to Saturday, but haven't heard back. I was driving down from Connecticut and had already paid for my room for Friday (here's the drawback of using Priceline). Would still do either night. If the dinners are absolutely DOA, I'd consider a drive down for an alternative plan, since I have the room. FWIW.
  23. Great report, Bryan! And thanks for taking pictures - it was hard just explaining the dishes to my SO! If I can join the fray, while I love Jean-George, I think this is better. While Jean-George offered some landmark dishes, and gave other creative chefs a launching pad for ideas, I appreciate a more subtle approach to (pardon the F word) fusion that other chefs have later taken. After I had Racha Bassoul's cooking at (the late) Anise in Montreal, Jean-George seemed a lot more like Vong.
  24. Corn dinners cancelled. And from the e-mail it sounds as if a large party held the event(s) hostage by saying if they couldn't have a group of 10 on Saturday (they reserved for 5 & 5) they would cancel. I hope those people don't read eG because I'm really annoyed. Shola has a very small business - a one man show. You can't monopolize the table and then threaten to cancel if you don't get your way. You didn't know there was a no cancellation policy? You pre-paid, you knucklehead(s). People are generally a-holes, no doubt about it. If there is another side of this story, I would love to hear it.
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