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  1. thanks for the replies, I guess im just thinking out of the box. i also would consider, running the dough through the machine and over muffin moulds, then pressing in with the mix and using a cutter, then settin in the fridge instead of using the 2 sheet process.
  2. no my Japanese not to good, but i have a friend that is fluent. thanks Ill check this out
  3. just wondering if anyone knows a website i can look at that would sell second hand sushi rice sheeter machines in japan. There are not many in australia and are very expensive so i thought as plane tickets are cheap i could look at buying one overseas and shipping it back. Not sure of this would be more economical but its worth a shot any help or ideas would be appreciated thanks
  4. Hi there I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on how I could efficiently streamline production for dumplings or siu mai using a pasta machine, or a dough sheeter. (if this is possible) I was thinking I would be making the dough in a hobart mixer, resting and then working the dough through a machine until I achieve the right thickness, then have the assistants scoop filling onto the bottom and then sheeting some more dough and arranging on top, then pressing down and then cutting out- much the same as making ravioli to a certain extent. I would want them to be quite large. I know it seems quite unusual practise but i would want to make high volume for catering event regularly and i don't really want to have someone standing there rolling out piece by piece by hand. thanks in advance for any suggestions
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