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  1. I made a rum-based version of Amer Picon using Jamie Boudreau’s recipe, but rather than using 100 proof vodka to make the orange tincture, I substituted a blend of 75% Flor de Cana Anejo Oro 4 and 25% El Dorado 151. The shot glass in the picture below shows the color of the finished product (and the ghetto fabulous storage vessel - an old Benedictine bottle labelled with a sticker and Sharpie). The cocktail is a riff on the Nirvana cocktail that utilized Amer Boudreau. I wanted to tikify it with my Ron Picon, so I substituted rum and falernum for the rye and Benedictine. At 98 proof, the Scarlet Ibis retains the punch of the Rittenhouse from the original and the falernum adds a nice ginger note on the nose and in the swallow. 2.00oz Scarlet Ibis Rum 1.00oz Ron Picon 0.25oz Falernum 0.25oz Luxardo Maraschino Stir with ice and strain into cocktail glass. Express an orange twist over the drink and discard. Garnish with a housemade maraschino cherry. Cheers!
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