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  1. In looking into carbonated cocktails, I often see bartenders use clarified citrus juices for carbonated cocktails to add acidity. I was reading David Arnold's liquid intelligence and he gives formulations for creating the same acid profile with pure dilute acids for each of the types of citrus used. My question lies in why bartenders choose to go through the more tedious process of clarifying citrus juices when the same acid profile could be obtained from mixed dilute acid solutions. This avoids the possible difficulties that come with clarifying and juice "dying". Another option as opposed to pure acid would be to use a combination of acid solutions and citrus oils. Either way these would seem easier than the clarifying route. If someone could explain these choices I'd be much appreciative. 

  2. On Friday, April 15, 2016 at 1:20 PM, tanstaafl2 said:

    Some new toys to play with. I have been picking up the annual Caol Ila unpeated bottle from the Diageo "special release" each year but for some reason it never showed up in Atlanta this year. So a friend did me a solid and sent me one! This year (the 2015 release) is a 17yo cask strength bottle weighing in at 111.8 proof and aged in used bourbon. Each year is a bit different in some way and typically a bit older. 2012 was 14yo aged in European oak, probably sherry. 2013 was the Stitchell Reserve blend of unpeated Caol Ila and 2014 was a 15yo unpeated from used bourbon. It is interesting to taste the underlying Caol Ila distillate without the peat (there is typically a little peat but not much in these bottles).

    Caol ila 17 Bowmore 23.JPG

    If you are in the Atlanta area, mac's on eighth street in midtown just got a shipment of the 2014 caol ila 15 unpeated. As of last Friday they had four bottles if you are still interested. As for the bowmore, do you like the later years? I tend to find they drink more like a spey side than an islay especially if they are older. 

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