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  1. No I try to make the sauce from scratch. Last time I did a home-made ketchup (with fresh tomatoes (im gonna try get them riper next time), mixed in with Rice Vinegar, Sugar, a little soy sauce (for the salty) and Water, I did add some fresh pineapple juice and a little bit of mango just because i like to have some fresh fruit in there and not just the vinegar and sugar. Am I doing it wrong? Oh and gelatin in the end of course to thicken it. I like to cook the protein separately (marinated for extra flavour) and to simply spread the sauce over the dish, on the dinner table. Served with egg fried rice. Also I don't want to do fish/seafood, because I have a stupid amount of fish in other dishes on my menu already, so I need some more meat/poultry. Thanks for all the great responses so far. Sorry for the triple posting.
  2. Hi out of Pork, Chicken and Beef which meat best compliments sweet and sour, and which cut of that meat? I know there is no right answer but I just wanted to get some opinions on this.