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  1. Just recently have been infatuated with brioche tarts - (ones shaped like bialy) Is it better, in your opinion, to use toppings - jams/custards (placed on the center) - before or after baking? Thank you!
  2. Puffed quinoa?

    Hello all, How does one make puffed quinoa without frying? I used to work at a place that would puff quinoa with frothy egg whites and sugar to use for garnishing. It's been a couple years and have forgotten how they did it. Any tips/suggestions/etc? Thanks!
  3. Pastry advice needed to novice!

    Thank you so much for even clicking on the link to my question! I look forward to the countless hours of work/study and the thrilling journey ahead of me in the pastry world!
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forums and am excited to read and soak in all of the information here! Background: I've been a savory cook (no culinary school) for the first 4 years of my restaurant career and within the last year or so, have recently decided to switch to pastry/bread. I then started to work at a bakery for a while, eventually working at a restaurant again due to unforeseen circumstances. Currently, I've gained some pull at the restaurant and have some control over the dessert side of the menu. Question: I've come to find the difference between savory and pastry completely interesting. The idea of savory cooks literally not caring about menu items - astounding. This only adds to my re-invigorated sense of appreciation for pastry cooks/chefs and cooking in general. Is there any advice for someone with no pastry-culinary school experience trying to be a pastry chef in a fine-dining atmosphere? Are there fundamentals being missed out by doing so? And what material sources (books, blogs, etc.) are key to fine-dining dessert concepts with no proper professional training (staging, assisting)? Thank you so much the opportunity to ask!