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  1. Roxy & Rich. And they offer small 2oz bottles, so you can buy a bunch and experiment with many shades without big cost, until you figure out what works for you.
  2. Not today, since I'm at home for the long weekend. I'll try to remember to take a picture when I'm at my shop next.
  3. I didn't know you were discussing this in another thread...but cool. Its a really nice technique that one can riff on, for a variety of looks. I use a low tack, paper material tape...its kind of like masking tape, but has a very low tack (no residue) and uses either an acrylic or epoxy type of adhesive, which is suitable for direct or indirect food contact.
  4. This is a lavender infused white chocolate ganache, with wild blueberries.
  5. Its a little bit of labour, but not that bad, actually, when you get your workflow down. I've got a yogurt warmer to keep all of my cocoa butters warm, after I've tempered them, so they're ready to go when I need them. I spray different shades of colour (there are 3 colour transitions in this piece) from light to dark...the effect is called ombré.
  6. Its great to see everybody's works. Keep them coming! This is my most recent bonbon creation...cant seem to keep these on the shelves though. I'm going to have to make a LOT more!
  7. I talk up your device to everyone I meet...I sound like a company spokesperson.
  8. Hi all, long time lurker...first post. I bought one of these handy devices from Kerry for my shop a month or two back, and I've now fully implemented it into my daily workflow. I had been on the fence about getting the EZt, but all doubts were erased when I saw the Cacao Barry folk using it at a workshop. Its a beast of a machine, as far as its usefulness in my workflow. I think my marble slab is a little sad with me tho, as I now barely use it for its intended purpose. The proof is in the pudding, as they say...I am currently on a multi-hundred piece mini-jag (producing between 750-850 bonbons for tomorrow). A bit under the gun, but with the EZt, I can decorate and shell in one day, and fill and cap the second, and done! This while also doing regular daily shop stuff, and getting everything accomplished during regular business hours. I thank you for creating this device, Kerry. My wife and kids thank you too, as they get to see me, even on busy production days!
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