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  1. I need some help figuring out rates for consulting. What I have been asked to do:

    -develop a seasonal menu (it's small, food is not the focus of this venture but a necessary part) that might require an ongoing relationship/commitment

    -costing, pricing, help with budget

    -assistance with kitchen design (working with an architect who has food service/restaurant experience

    -development of staffing needs and budget, along with training

    I do have experience doing this, but on a much simpler level. I need help with how to break this up into per hour and per task rates. Can anyone offer any advice?

  2. I didn't avoid anything, actually...other than things I didn't normally eat or that made me nauseated. Deli meat has always freaked me out, so I didn't have a problem avoiding that. My midwife maintained that unless I was an exorbitant coffee drinker, or boozed my way through the afternoon before I was pregnant that both caffeine and alcohol, in moderation, can be fine during pregnancy. Raw milk cheeses and rare meat i think are also okay when coming from responsible sources.

    And I got off pretty easy when breastfeeding; again, I ate it all without any ill effects. Thankfully my daughter at 3 has no allergies and will eat pretty much anything. Try not to stress and think too hard about all of it.

  3. electric ovens do maintain a more consistent temperature, but not so much that unless you are doing very delicate, very complicated baking, i don't think you are going to notice. Note: duel fuel ovens are slightly smaller, which is ultimately why I went with traditional gas...so I could fit a full sheet pan in.

  4. disopyros virginiana are the variety native the the u.s. and they, imo, are far superior to the more astringent variety. here in nc their season is in full swing (i just pulled three pies out of my oven 5 minutes ago!). if any of you are in the southeast, check out your farmer's markets or put a message on your neighborhood listserve: more people than you think have a tree!

  5. I just finished off a bottle of cheap grocery store white wine vinegar and discovered a vinegar mother...is it acceptable to use this or does it destine any future offspring to carry on it's low brow pedigree?

  6. I have been testing a few recipes for my own version of this classic, but honestly: I'm not sure what the texture is supposed to be. They seem to fall either in the biscuit/cookie or the more tender cake-like area. I know that traditionally you fill the cakes and let them sit overnight, so firmer dough seems to make more sense.


  7. I got some fresh raw peanuts at the farmer's market yesterday and I would love some suggestions on what to do with them (other than roasting). I have thought about an african-style peanut soup, but I'd love other ideas.


  8. i am in NO for the week end, and need someplace to go on Saturday (early evening) that is appropriate for my 2 1/2 year old. She has a pretty fantastic palate, so nothing necessarily 'family style'....and creole/cajun isn't a requirement either.

  9. I have to say, and I know I'm going to get a bit of hell for this...but what is so great about Trader Joe's???!!!??? I've been a couple of times now, and I am not blown over.

    The produce is pretty abysmal, no real selection for meat/fish and I wasn't impressed with the cheese.

    What is all the fuss about?

  10. Oh Mellow Mushroom is sooo terrible.  Really, I can't stand it.  If you're going to be pretentious about your product it better be good.  Technically, their crust is way doughy, the pizzas way oversauced and over-cheesed.  Toppings underdone.  Just not good.

    There is no "good" pizza in the Triangle in my experience.  If you're looking for a serviceable pizzeria pie I can do Randy's, even Cinelli's "brick oven" style.

    totally agree...and would even add Bocci's to the doable list

  11. one more:

    i could make a career of being blue

    I could dress in black and read Camus

    smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth

    No googling here, actually think I remember this being Bongwater, from the album Too Much Sleep. Don't remember the name of the song. If that ain't it, they ripped off Bongwater!!!!

    try again...and he definitely did NOT rip off bongwater....

  12. I just wanted to remind everyone about a relatively new market in downtown Raleigh on Wednesdays. It's in Moore Square, down by City Market from 10:30 to 2. I seem to remember Varmint posting about it last year...

    Some of the vendors include:

    Chapel Hill Creamery, cows milk cheeses

    Lyon Farms, great berries and other produce

    Celebrity Dairy, goat cheese

    Wild Onion Farms, heirloom tomato plants, herbs, eggs

    Scratch Baking, all things pie

    Coon Rock Farms, beautiful greens, pasture raised meats, eggs

    Jackson Farm, amazing honey, produce

    La Farm, great bread

    you can see the full list of vendors here:


    Whole Foods is a sponsor and they have a tent set up with prepared foods...there are tables set up for people to eat their lunch...music even!

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