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  1. Great topic

     I just found a site for wood. I was actually searching for chips for my smoking gun. Being an enthusiast with limited experience but a science person I looked to the quality of my ingredients. Smokinlicious.com was my eureka find. They have an all natural wood product that is not kiln dried like 99 percent of the wood being offered out there. I'm having my order shipped today. I will be happy to report back.


  2. Hello All

    Chris as an FYI I found the manufacturer of the chips the actually came with my Smoking Gun


    I placed a call this morning and found an professional staff ready to assist. These guys will ship anywhere including Canada. I ordered Hickoru to do Bloody Mary cocktails and also some Sugar Maple. These guys boast an all natural chef quality cooking wood. A+ for knowledge and service thus far. That being said a can't attest to the quality of the smoke yet.

    I will provide my test results if you like.

    Very excited here like a kid at Christmas 


  3. Hello all new guy here

    Finding quality cooking wood can be exhausting. I finally found smokinlicious.com . I called and was immediately impressed by the expert knowledge. These people know cooking and will ship anywhere. Waiting on my first order of Sugar Maple! I will be happy to provide my test results. A plus for the Smokin team thus far but the proof is in the smoke.



  4. On 3/26/2007 at 9:57 PM, Alex said:

    According to this report, Alinea's Grant Achatz "...asked inventor and collaborator Philip Preston, president of the manufacturing company PolyScience, to create a simple, portable method for making smoke to trap under glasses and serve to diners. The result was The Smoking Gun."

    I'd be more interested in its touted use for blowing smoke into a ziploc-type bag to infuse food with smoky goodness. Has anyone tried this yet?


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