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  1. drunkenmonkeytw

    Learn to make Radish Cakes 蘿蔔糕

    Hi Happytown! You can do this really easily in any size pot really! All you need is a pot that can fit the container that your radish cake is in. Fill it with enough water to steam, but not so much that you flood your radish cake and just turn it on. You'll need to have some kind of standoffs to raise your radish cake container off the bottom of the pot, but you can use just about anything for this. Don't forget you can always use smaller containers for your radish cake so that it fits in a smaller pot. Best of luck and happy steaming!
  2. Hi all! You might remember us from our previous Radish Cake video, today we're making Three Cups Tofu. This is a fun and relatively easy to make dish that's really tasty! Hope everyone enjoys the video, have fun cooking! Drunken Monkey Eats Taiwan! How to make Three Cups Tofu 三杯豆腐 As usual we're happy to answer any questions about the dish or Chinese cooking in general!
  3. drunkenmonkeytw

    Learn to make Radish Cakes 蘿蔔糕

    @kbjesq no problem, have fun making it! I've never seen pumpkin cake here in Taiwan, but perhaps as @liuzhou says it is common in China. There are some pretty big regional differences when it comes to culinary arts between the Chinese populations of the world! In any case I don't see any reason why you couldn't use pumpkin instead of Daikon! Experiment and have fun!
  4. drunkenmonkeytw

    Learn to make Radish Cakes 蘿蔔糕

    @liuzhou you are absolutely correct, that's a mistake on my part in the subtitles! The order got messed up going from Chinese to English Thanks for the catch! For anyone else wondering, hot wok cold oil will also help your proteins not stick Video updated with annotation!
  5. drunkenmonkeytw

    Learn to make Radish Cakes 蘿蔔糕

    Hi @chefmd! There's a list of ingredients in the description of the video Here's the ingredients along with the directions from the video's desciption: Radish Cake with Carrot Ingredients 材料準備 A) 190mL Water 水 (Can replace with liquid from soaking mushrooms/Shrimp) 180g Rice flour 在來米粉 23 Corn Starch 太白粉 B) 1pcs Chinese sausage (diced) 臘腸 45g Dried Shrimp (soaked) 蝦皮 20g Dried Chinese mushrooms (soaked) 乾香菇 C) 15mL Vegetable Oil 植物油 D) 550g Daikon (peeled and grated or cut into strips) 白蘿蔔(絲) 250g Carrot (peeled and grated or cut into strips) 紅蘿蔔(絲) E) 15mL Vegetable oil 植物油 F) 50mL Water 水 10g Sugar 糖 G) 4g Salt 鹽 5g Sugar 糖 6g Chicken base 雞粉 1g White pepper powder 白胡椒粉 12mL Sesame oil 香油 15g Green onion (diced) 蔥花 1. Mix A together in a large bowl until no lumps, set aside 取一大碗混合A料到粉均勻混到液體中沒有塊狀物,待用 2. Saute B with C in hot wok until fragrant, take out and set aside 熱鍋中加入C炒香B料,取出待用 3. Stir fry D with E in hot wok, add in F and cook until E becomes soft. Add in G and mix well, then pour into A mixture with B altogether and mix well. 熱鍋中加入E炒D,再加入F炒到E開始變軟。加入G混合均勻後,倒入A的混合物中,也在把炒過的B加入,全部混合均勻。 4. Pour A, B, D, and G mixture into a greased tin, steam for 60-75 minutes. Cool and remove from pan. Eat as is or pan fry until crispy. 模具上油,將A,B,D,G混合物倒入,蒸60-75分鐘。放涼後即可從模具倒出,切片食用或是再用平底鍋煎到表皮酥脆。
  6. drunkenmonkeytw

    Learn to make Radish Cakes 蘿蔔糕

    Glad you liked it, we plan to create more videos so keep watching!
  7. Hi all, I work in a Chinese restaurant here in Taipei, Taiwan and we'd like to present a video teaching you how to make Radish Cakes! Many of you may know this popular dim sum dish by its Cantonese name "Lo Bak Go". This is our own personal variation on the traditional Radish Cake, so you'll see something a bit different than you're used to! Enjoy the video, hope you have as much fun watching as we did making! Drunken Monkey Eats Taiwan! How to Make Radish Cakes 蘿蔔糕 Also if anyone has any questions about Chinese or Taiwanese cooking I'm happy to answer!