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  1. Toronto Star – October 31, 2007 Caramels work magic in apple pie Susan Sampson provides a recipe for Caramel Apple Pie. --------------- Samurai Night Live By Jennifer Bain Recipe: * Morimoto's Pork & Noodle Jumble --------------- Set a formal table with panache --------------- Hearty meatball dish Susan Sampson provides a recipe for Italian Meatballs With Tomato & White Wine Braise. --------------- Rich lava cakes can be made ahead Susan Sampson provides a recipe for Lava Cakes.
  2. Boston Globe – October 31, 2007 Plonkapalooza By Stephen Meuse, Globe Correspondent For more information: * The complete list tasted by the professionals * Our wine-tasting experts offer their favorites * These are picks from the young sommeliers * Some of these sommeliers' wines are older than they are --------------- Everyone can use a fresh start By Darry Madden, Globe Correspondent --------------- On the street where you live By Genevieve Rajewski, Globe Correspondent --------------- Thanks to father's influence, this poet is well versed in cooking By Jane Dornbusch, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Spicy chicken stew
  3. Toronto Star – October 24, 2007 Thanks to 300 recipes, pie takes the cake Susan Sampson reviews Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes For Delicious Homemade Pie. Recipe: * Butterscotch Tarts With Banana & Pistachio Brittle --------------- Say grilled cheese By Susan Sampson Recipes: * Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwiches * Grilled Cheese Burgers --------------- Back to our root vegetables By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Root Vegetable & Shiitake Hash --------------- Carve up a creepy melon By Jennifer Bain Recipe: * Watermelon-Raspberry Slush --------------- Delicious meets nutritious at Stop By Jennifer Bain Recipes: * Pasta Shells With Spinach Purée * Joshna's Beef Vindaloo --------------- `Little winery that could' gets boost from a Ghostbuster By Gordon Stimmell Wines: * Cave Spring 2006 Riesling $13.95 (Ontario) * Peninsula Ridge 2006 Sauvignon Blanc $15.15 (Ontario) * Birchwood Estates 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon $14.95 (Ontario)
  4. Boston Globe – October 24, 2007 Shell we? Oyster bars cater to the tastes of mollusk-mad Bostonians By John Burgess, Globe Staff For more information: * OYSTER PRICES: What you're shucking out for * Oyster author Rowan Jacobsen: It's all about the taste --------------- A Mideast classic goes with the grain By Huda Ahmed, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Al biryani --------------- French toast with a soufflelike flair Recipe: * Baked French toast --------------- A sweet treat is a taste of Argentina Recipe: * http://www.boston.com/ae/food/articles/2007/10/24/alfajores] Alfajors
  5. Toronto Star – October 17, 2007 Making brownies 'Blue' A Toronto woman wins a contest to lighten up her brownies and become a Loblaw Blue Menu product developer for a day By Jennifer Bain --------------- Souped-up zucchini has homey flavour By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Mexican Meatball Soup --------------- Tins tell tales of cookies' past By Susan Sampson --------------- Solid Spinelli red is ridiculously well-priced By Gordon Stimmell Wines: * Spinelli 2006 Montepulciano D'Abruzzo $7.15 (Italy) * Twin Fin 2005 Pinot Grigio $14.15 (California) * Errazuriz Max Reserva 2005 Merlot $18.15 (Chile) --------------- Why chefs love farmers Jennifer Bain reviews "Fresh: Seasonal Recipes Made With Local Foods."
  6. Boston Globe – October 17, 2007 Bueno Queso matches cheeses, wine, and beer with those who love them By Devra First, Globe Staff --------------- Couples can have a night out and a cooking lesson at culinary school By Darry Madden, Globe Correspondent --------------- Home chef raises the (chocolate) bar By Lisa Zwirn, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Earl Grey brownies --------------- In these Spanish recipes, imagination is a key ingredient T. Susan Chang reviews "1080 Recipes." Recipe: * Pasta with bell peppers and ham --------------- For a pig roast, they ditch spit and adopt box By Lisa Zwirn, Globe Correspondent Recipes: * Baked beans * Big blue slaw
  7. Toronto Star – October 10, 2007 Globe artichokes in Markham By Jennifer Bain Recipes: * Anna's Artichokes in Tomato Sauce * Greek Artichoke & Potato Salad With Citrus Dressing --------------- Fuller's beer real blast from the past By Josh Rubin --------------- Some tasty new wines By Gordon Stimmell * Finca Flichman 2006 Misterio Malbec $9.95 (Argentina) * Moselland 2005 Divinum Riesling Spatlese $11.95 (Germany) * Penfolds Koonunga Hill 2005 Cabernet Merlot $16.15 (Australia) --------------- Pineapple adds a taste of '70s to pork chops By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Western Sweet and Sour Sauce --------------- Sting's Bucatini With Sausage & Peas By Jennifer Bain Recipe: * Sting's Bucatini With Sausage & Peas
  8. Boston Globe – October 10, 2007 Do try this at home Some trial and error yields quality pizza, pad Thai, chicken nuggets, and beef chow fun. Skip the takeout By Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent Recipes: * Pad Thai * Thin crust pizza * Chicken nuggets * Beef chow fun --------------- She caters to needs of veggie eaters By Lisa Zwirn, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Carrot pate --------------- Selecting fruit is key to getting a fresh tart Recipes: * Pork chops with apple cider * Apple galette --------------- A night in hog heaven with the Bacon Club By Darry Madden, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Almond-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon --------------- Everyday sandwiches of Venezuela flow at Orinoco By Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Arepas --------------- Homemade scones add a warm note to breakfast table Orange-scented cranberry and pecan scones
  9. Toronto Star – October 3, 2007 Ideas for turkey leftovers By Jennifer Bain --------------- Come on over to the sweet side By Susan Sampson Recipes: * Double-Baked Sweet Potatoes * Sweet Potato Casserole With Praline Topping * Best-Ever Mashed Sweet Potatoes --------------- Good food for all By Jennifer Bain --------------- Treasures abound beyond French offerings By Gordon Stimmell
  10. Boston Globe – October 3, 2007 No rules, no limits By Devra First, Globe Staff Recipes: * Tofu and spicy pork sauce with crispy fried rice * Caramelized sweet potatoes --------------- During Ramadan, a meal to fast on By Omar Sacirbey, Globe Correspondent --------------- Spilling the beans about a special crop By Alison Arnett, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Black bean soup with cumin and tomatoes * Brown and white rice with black beans --------------- Big Papi is a hit behind the grill By Andrea Pyenson, Globe Correspondent --------------- Making treats fit for a King, or Spot, or Fido By Carolyn R. Maibor, Globe Correspondent --------------- The family that bakes together... By Jane Dornbusch, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Honey wheat-germ whole-wheat bread
  11. Toronto Star – September 26, 2007 Applaud the cod By Susan Sampson Recipes: * Baccala Mantecato (Salt Cod Spread) * Mother's Norwegian Bacalao * Tanzanian Salt Cod Curry * Bacalao a la Cerito --------------- Bitter green perks up pasta By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Pasta With Spicy Sausage & Rapini --------------- Catering to a healthy lunch idea By Jennifer Bain --------------- The Great One scores with a chardonnay for Thanksgiving By Gordon Stimmell
  12. Boston Globe – September 26, 2007 Behind every great cookbook Editor Judith Jones has a knack for turning cooks into best-selling authors By Sheryl Julian, Globe Staff Recipes: * Martha's paprikash * Dumplings for chicken paprikash * Evan's lamb curry --------------- This couple just smiles, and says 'goat cheese' By Diana Burrell, Globe Correspondent --------------- Famous wardrobe malfunction gave him great exposure By Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Greek salad --------------- Before the harvest Recipe: * Tomato soup
  13. Toronto Star – September 19, 2007 Calamari or squid: Messy by any name By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Calamari With Greens & Aioli --------------- Sandwiches need not be upper crust By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Cucumber Sandwiches --------------- So good, it may bring tears to your eyes By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Creamy Onion Soup --------------- A devil of a good ale By Josh Rubin --------------- Steeped in great tea By Jennifer Bain Recipe: * Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Latte --------------- Essential reading for food guide fans Jennifer Bain reviews The New Whole Grains Cookbook: Terrific Recipes Using Farro, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Barley and Many Other Delicious and Nutritious Grains by Robin Asbell.
  14. Boston Globe – September 19, 2007 A day of eating dangerously By Devra First, Globe Staff --------------- Recipe for a fun kids party: chefs, exotic food, and cooking lessons By Kate M. Jackson, Globe Correspondent Recipes: * Macadamia nut chicken * Mango ketchup --------------- Savoring the slow-cooked cuisine of southern Italy By T. Susan Chang, Globe Correspondent Recipes: * Ciambutella * Braised squid and potatoes --------------- A peck of peppers Recipe: * Green peppers with toasted almonds and golden raisins
  15. Toronto Star – September 5, 2007 Back to cooking school --------------- School lunches around the world A look at school lunches in countries such as China, France, India, and more. --------------- Creamy burrata worth the search By Jennifer Bain --------------- Tastes have changed By Josh Rubin --------------- Writers' tastes distilled for readers' enjoyment By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Mai Tai
  16. Boston Globe – September 5, 2007 Spreading the love PB&J is a sandwich for almost everyone - from brown-bagging kids to sophisticated chefs By Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent --------------- One man's search for PB&J perfection By Michael Saunders, Globe Staff --------------- Four generations keep a family tradition By Lisa Zwirn, Globe Correspondent Recipes: * Luchen kugel * Beef goulash with carrots and potatoes --------------- At the bar, driving home the benefits of moderation By Erica Noonan, Globe Staff --------------- Back to her roots, with plenty of peppers By Jane Dornbusch, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Chicken Basquaise --------------- Green and yellow beans Recipe: * String beans with tomatoes and olive oil --------------- When fish goes swimming in beer By Jim Romanoff, Associated Press Recipe: * Beer-braised tilapia with mushrooms and tomatoes
  17. Toronto Star – August 26, 2007 Film fest gets new celeb hangout By Amy Pataki --------------- Patience will pay off in flavour and aroma By Gordon Stimmell --------------- Soon dubu simmers under the radar By Tamsyn Burgmann --------------- Potato skins retro, but great Star tested recipe for Cheesy Potato Skins. --------------- Great shopping comes to the port lands By Jennifer Bain --------------- Way to get your greens Star tested recipe for Pita Pizzas With Spinach & Bocconcini.
  18. Boston Globe – August 26, 2007 They've gone native Chefs share their approaches to putting local on the menu By Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent --------------- Keeping Georgia off your mind By Diana Burrell, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Mrs. Neil's peach pie --------------- Two lobster pounds are better than one By Omar Sacirbey, Globe Correspondent --------------- He's passing on the art of pickling By Alison Arnett, Globe Correspondent --------------- A French delicacy goes from sweet to savory By Béatrice Peltre, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Zucchini, corn, and goat cheese clafoutis
  19. Toronto Star – August 15, 2007 Gazpacho gets fresh with this pasta By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Ziti With Grilled Gazpacho Sauce --------------- The best vendors cook with lots of love By Jennifer Bain Recipes: * Ginger Carrot Dip * Heirloom Tomatoes With Orange Zest --------------- Set and match: Winner's circle wines complement varied cuisine By Gordon Stimmell Winners include: * Cantine Valcolli Barbera D'Asti Vecchi Ricordi 2003 $11.95 (Italy) * Pascual Toso 2004 Malbec $12.95 (Argentina) * Lungarotti 2005 Pinot Grigio $14.15 (Italy) --------------- Healthier than traditional tuna salad By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Italian Tuna Salad
  20. Boston Globe – August 15, 2007 You want a ham with that oil change? Pull into a Southern gas station, drive away with a country staple By John Burgess, Globe Staff Recipes: * Biscuits * Fried country ham with redeye gravy * Old-fashioned grits * Minty apple slaw --------------- For this nature lover, the time is ripe for something wild By Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent --------------- Tex-Mex specialty Recipe: * Turkey enchiladas --------------- Getting a taste of diplomacy in the kitchen By Rachel Travers, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Gougeres --------------- A chewy, gooey adventure in time travel By Andrea Pyenson, Globe Correspondent --------------- A chef's vision becomes a tiny treasure of a restaurant By Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Pasta kerchiefs with brown butter, prosciutto, and an egg
  21. Toronto Star – August 8, 2007 Boning up on calcium By Cynthia David Recipes: * Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese Soup * Salmon Salade Niçoise * Speedy Frozen Yogurt --------------- Peaches ripe for dumplings By Susan Sampson Recipe: * Peach Dumplings With Brown Sugar Sauce --------------- Chimay White fruity, but not too sweet By Josh Rubin --------------- Corn zipper has one purpose By Jennifer Bain
  22. Boston Globe – August 8, 2007 Cheesemakers in paradise By Devra First, Globe Staff Recipe: * Warm goat cheese salad --------------- Some say beer beats wine in this pairs competition By Ann Cortissoz, Globe Staff --------------- Picnic: a movable feast By Linda A. Odum, Globe Correspondent Recipes: * Mediterranean chicken and orzo salad * Spicy gazpacho --------------- A dessert classic gets dressed up for dinner By Tracey Ceurvels, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Watermelon steak --------------- Pretty and portable, verrines offer layers of satisfaction By Béatrice Peltre, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Crab and avocado verrine --------------- A nutty trio makes some tasty cookies Recipe: * Buttery almond crisps
  23. Toronto Star – August 1, 2007 Savouring every tasteful moment By Marion Kane --------------- Chilled whites to make your summer sizzle By Gordon Stimmell --------------- Tofu is winning converts By Susan Sampson --------------- Hungry for Spanish tapas? By Eric Vellend Recipes: * Tapas recipes --------------- A personal chef cooks up relaxation By Francine Kopun
  24. Boston Globe – August 1, 2007 One cousin catches, the other cooks By Jonathan Levitt, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Cousin Mark's lobster with tarragon stuffing --------------- Mussels' versatility is apparent on menus By Elizabeth Field, Globe Correspondent Recipe: * Mussels with a splash of wine * Steamed mussels with saffron and tomatoes --------------- They share their love of pastry and prose By Diana Burrell, Globe Correspondent --------------- Old-fashioned condiments are best By Mara Zepeda, Globe Correspondent Recipes: * Ballpark mustard * Plum ketchup
  25. Toronto Star – July 25, 2007 Tastes of Yemen By Habeeb Salloum Recipes: * HULBAH (FENUGREEK PASTE) * ZHUG (SPICY RELISH) * HOR'L (BEEF SHANK STEW) * SALTAH (GROUND MEAT STEW) * LENTIL STEW --------------- Taste South African heat By Jennifer Bain
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