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  1. Slightly off the current discussion but i recently took class with Kirsten Tibbals, super exciting for me was taping moulds- Personally i don't think it is cost effective but it was fantastic to have ago because i probably wouldn't have otherwise. She had a special tape that she had brought with her from Australia, it was so similar to Washi tape, so i bought and experimented with a few. It works and works so well plus its inexpensive and you can get it in a variety of thickness. If anyone is UK based paperchase sell rolls ranging from 5mm! I couldn't not share, sad that I'm so excited about tape i know lol
  2. so all in all not too bad price wise, cheaper from keylink
  3. This might be helpful from home chocolate factory
  4. The price hasn't been released by my usual suppliers just yet but im interpreting what the official Callebaut ppl were saying about it being 'rare ' & 'limited supply' so expect it to be reflected in the price. I honestly have no idea as yet and I'm just guessing
  5. Thank you for resharing this post Kerry, i loved reading it! So much knowledge! I remember reading about the invert sugar when i first got his book but for the life of me couldn't remeber where I had read it so when i recently questioned someone about boiling it my response of 'I read it in a book ' sounded silly and was dismissed 😂 thank you again for sharing
  6. I got to try this in April as they were launching in the UK, I also happened to be at the Callebaut factory. The process is just as Kerry said that they have selected the red beans and used those. They didn't share the process from bean to chocolate. It's being rolled out in September here in the UK. My best description for the taste was raspberry yoghurt, slightly fruity, creamy with a pleasant acidity. I look forward to playing with it but my guess is the cost is going to be astronomical. I also recently got to try all the Valrhona chocolate and tried a dark chocolate that has been fermented with passion fruit in the initial process and I have to say it was for me incredible! It doesn't contain any passion fruit but tasted so fruity
  7. Personally I like them but mainly because I can partially see through them ( not totally clear) and they don't seem as brittle as the solid white ones ( i have both) as quite a few of them have cracked. It's very satisfying to see the chocolate contract when in the mould which you can't do woth the old version.
  8. I found out the law changed recently and all the moulds will now be the clear material instead of the white as apparentlythe white is carcinogenic so dangerous for the makers ( fine for use)
  9. I didn't mean offence to anyone with my post I'm just aware that before anyone started on the course his bon bons were consistently discussed on the 'how did they do that thread ' I wouldn't expect anyone to share as you have pointed out they have paid and i have not. Just thought this is a forum where technique is often shared and discussed and I was merely in awe of the skill being shared
  10. I have been following this thread with admiration and envy ! I would love to do his class but have neither the time or money but its so amazing to see what you are producing( all of which are amazing) Will he be showing his coveted technique for the half spheres ? Hopefully you guys will share some secrets
  11. I thought that might work too, maybe a choc layer and then honeycomb, break up and then spray. im going to experiment later- I will post results thanks Kerry
  12. Hello I came across a bag of uncoated honeycomb (cinder toffee, hokey pokey) in a shop that was uncovered- I have no problem with my honeycomb but if left uncovered it becomes sticky and it got me thinking anyone know any tricks for honeycomb, caramels etc so that they could for example be made into a bark( exposed bits of honeycomb) without being completely enrobed? i have seen that I can buy tiny pieces of honeycomb (nibs) dipped in cocoa butter but I want to make my own if possible as they didn't have the lovely aeration I achive and they were tiny! thank you!
  13. Hope you are enjoying your visit to Ruth, she is fab! I have used purée from various brands in patisserie before but the usual suspect flavours (pear,rhubarb) are always still a bit vacant. if you ever manage to get hold of the kalamansi lime it's worth a play with
  14. Oh, just clarify they are always empty bottles I buy and are always sterilised before use! The garden center ones just seem to have a finer mist compared to other bottles hope you manage to figure something out
  15. I've found the best bottles are one from the gaden center- usually because they have the finest mist spray setting for a better coverage. No particular brand I'm afraid but I look forward to seeing your results
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