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  1. I tried Bacon Mac lays chips & it was awesome.
  2. You can try this. I really love this suger free chocalate. http://www.berries.com/product/-30117252?cobrand=SSS&ssid=4&REF=SHBFeedGooglePLA_30117252&cvosrc=Shopping.GooglePLA.30117252&CAWELAID=130004170000001381&catargetid=130004170000009571&cadevice=c&gclid=Cj0KEQiAzai0BRCs2Yydo8yptuIBEiQAN3_lFiHNxeyw1pjah0UfnBYKvUVT_uO8cutKIw-CxpR5BOEaAkrX8P8HAQ
  3. Yummy... Thanks for sharing this all recipes. I will try some on next Sunday.
  4. I went to las vegas last weekend for new year celebration & have seen this type of bread for the first time. I was shocked but really like it. I think that was healthy for everyone.
  5. I have decorated the chocolate fountain with many different flavors as fresh fruits, bread, dry fruit, frozen fruits, cookies, cake, pie, cobbler & bread pudding etc.
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