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  1. SchiehallionHandmade

    Caramel bonbon leaking

    I run a hairdryer over the mould before capping. Then once the capping chocolate is poured, place a acetate sheet over the mould and use the scraper to scrape out excess chocolate from under the sheet and leave to set. I have no issues with my home made Isle of Skye Sea Salt salted caramel.Apart from when I overfill lol
  2. SchiehallionHandmade

    Customer requested a Mimosa truffle...

    Cut strips of orange peel and infuse in cream to get the orange flavour in. Make ganache with white chocolate infused cream and champagne. Use ganache to roll into balls, can dip in white chocolate or decorate
  3. Well I'm up on Skye :) have you ever been down to Cocoa Black in Peebles? I've done 2 courses there with Ruth Hinks.
  4. SchiehallionHandmade

    Confections! What did we make? (2017 – )

    Your earth is excellent, I have just started with colours, I did do an interesting Scottish blue chocolate but used non fat soluble colouring, so when people ate it it turned their tongue blue. I quoted Braveheart and said it was supposed to do that lol. I definitely want to try and improve my planets.
  5. SchiehallionHandmade

    Tempering (Tabling vs Seeding)

    I see you are using silicon moulds. If you wish your final product to have a shiny finish you really need to use polycarbonate moulds. These need to be perfectly clean before use, the smoother the inside of your mould, the smoother the surface of your finished chocolates.