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  1. Stir the chocolate, measure issuing the ir thermometer and the probe thermometer, stick the correction figure on a label on your ir thermometer
  2. We know our shortbread lol
  3. Interested to see recipes with cornflour, here on the isle of Skye its always been added Semolina or ground rice. 115g butter, whip it till fluffy, beat in 55g of Caster sugar with a pinch of salt. Sift in 130g Plain flour and about 40g ground rice, fold all together. When making the biscuits don't roll out you will compress it too much, use your hands to pat down biscuit size rounds. Oven at 150C, cook depending on the shape you've used, if making fingers or a square will take longer. Always prick your dough, chill in fridge then in the oven till cooked but now brown, sprinkle caster sugar while still warm.
  4. It worked out quite well, in dark chocolate with the spices I listed (that are used in haggis) Any hints on how to make an eggnog flavour ganache? I've also infused Christmas cake in cream and used that to make a ganache, but the flavour is still a bit subtle for Christmas cake chocolates, ill need to add something.
  5. Its time to ramp up production for Christmas and get those festive flavours out there. Whats your favourite christmas flavour recipes to put in your ganaches? How do you get christmas pudding flavoured ganache? Last experiment I did was haggis flavoured ganache, made by using the spices of haggis (nutmeg, mace, black pepper, ground coriander with roasted pinhead oatmeal)!
  6. Good old fashioned Scottish Cream buns, complete with mock cream (butter/icing sugar whipped) and served up to the nurses in the local hospital for afternoon tea. They were quickly inhaled :D
  7. Different names in different places but basically toffee with bicarbonate of soda to produce a volcanic mixture. The main problem of it is shelf life as it loves to absorb water and go sticky over time. Does anyone have any recipes or ingredients to add to assist this? I take my granulated sugar to 150c along with some trimoline rather than golden syrup then add the bicarb.
  8. Sorry when I meant using local I meant using my local Rowan berries as opposed to anything local that goes with it. Everyone seems to make jelly with it so that's why I was seeing if any other innovative uses😊 Might try the rowan with heather honey in a Callebaut Ruby chocolate.
  9. Apart from loads of apples we also have a ton of Rowan berries. It is very sharp and bitter and most people make rowan jelly. Has anyone ever made a chocolate filling or anything in a, sweet/Confection using rowans? Wanting to use all local produce in new and interesting ways πŸ˜‚ Ill be infusing my local heather to go with my local Talisker whisky (yes, no e in our whisky) 😍
  10. The ganache, once it's made is in a sealed piping bag and stored in the fridge till needed. This is the first time in years I've had this issue im fairly sure it was how they were stored in the shop during hot weather. But I'm now adding 0.1% potassium sorbate to my ganache and tablet and will see how it goes.
  11. Thanks all, Scottish tablet is sugar. Sugar and more sugar! Fudge is half cream. My Scottish tablet is butter, cup milk, 1kg sugar, tin of condensed milk. Beat it, pour in pan, eat! Looked back in the threads and found it had been used in the past as an anti microbial agent.
  12. Here in the UK this summer we had a particularly hot couple of weeks (over 32c since days). It has created havoc with some of my chocolates, tablet and fudge. I have chocolate lollys filled with a caramel ganache go mouldy inside 2 weeks. My tablet and fudge had a dark mould starting after a month. In the past my shelf life of 3 months has been fine. I am considering adding some microbial control to my products, I've been suggested adding 0.4% of potassium sorbate, used in many other products already, aka E202. Does anyone have any experience in using product to control microbial growth or using this as a preservative?
  13. Aircon, you need a steady max temperature for chocolate making, hot summer has hampered me here in the UK this year.
  14. 2.5kg bags available online here in the UK. Got a bag, not done much with it yet but its been a hot summer so not so much production ongoing.
  15. I found this tape on amazon, works well worth dome moulds
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