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  1. I know that there were similar threads, but I'm mostly interested in what kind of software or apps do you use for storing different kinds of recipes. For example, for most text and image based recipes I (like most people here) use Evernote. The notebooks-style organization works well, especially once you start using the Evernote Web Clipper. My browser (Citrio) can download videos, so video recipes are downloaded directly to the OneDrive folder on my PC and synced with the cloud. Very convenient, actually. At last, I'm currently testing the Asparagus android app. I might eventually move from Evernote to this one as it's more convenient for the quick references (though has no web clipper). What do you use for text, images and video recipes?
  2. Exactly my point, MattyC! There's also Yakitate!! Japan which is a lot different in terms of pacing and overall tone. It's mostly circles around bakery. I was actually surprised to learn that bakery and bread is less common in Japan, but that makes sense as they never had the ingredients we consider common in USA and Europe. Anyway, an interesting anime also.
  3. Recently saw Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma anime. It's a very over-the-top anime about cooking. Despite all the sillies and weird Japanese sense of humor, it gives away some interesting info about food culture, some history and recipes ideas. What do you think about such medium? Ever enjoyed any food-themed anime or live-action dramas?
  4. firion

    Lucky Chow

    Thanks for posting. I was just looking for a new show
  5. That's an interesting shift. Though not very surprising, as some street food is so delicious that it can outrun restaurants. Basically, they are restaurants, just cheaper and less exquisite.
  6. NYT often has some good food-related articles. Just today saw this one. Seems pretty interesting to try out. Especially the Maple Pecan Pie.
  7. firion

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a new one here. Glad to join! Not very good with cooking, but I'm trying to improve. The forum hosts some of the most interesting ideas and recipes, so I decided that participation in discussions, rather than lurking, would do more good. See you around.