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  1. Hmm.. perhaps a little too strong for salmon unless you made a mayo or egg based sauce like a hollandaise or bernaise for it. As for the raisin bran, add the chipotle to the bloody mary, make it a brunch and your set.
  2. PaulaDR

    Salmon Tartare

    Is that a raw kibbeh (nayeh)... I would love it too... I make my own version but its never quite right...
  3. I make a more zesty version of a ponzu for mine... by mixing lime juice, sugar, soy and alot of fresh mint... especially if I have added green or slightly ripe mango to the roll... yummy
  4. Recently I have begun adding chipotles to everything - shrimp, ceviche, mahi mahi carpaccios, soups, stews, salads.. you name it. And the new chipotle Tabasco is also "dreamy"... Prep H, here I come!
  5. PaulaDR

    Food quotes

    · "I live on good soup, not on fine words:" -- Moliere and finally... "Duck fat... its better than butter"
  6. I do have Claudia Rosen's book (and Jacques Torress's) and I love them... but I was looking for non dessert uses ... i tried to wrap raw lemongrass seasoned shrimp and baked it, and that worked fairly well... it just wasnt as "pretty" as I expected (I recently began a food magazine in the Caribbean and need good and pretty new concepts!!!!)
  7. Dyslexics R' US. I think perhaps my trouble with finding recipes with shredded phyllo is that i kept on thinking it was called Kaitifi when instead I think its Kataifi (or is it the other way around)... no wonder.
  8. Hey all, I was so excited to find kaitifi (aka shredded phyllo) at my local gourmet store. I bought 3 packets but alas now I have no idea what to do with it. All I have found researchwise has been hawaiian recipes filled with scallops and deserts which I am not really into. Any thoughts?
  9. Beware when you come on down... albeit a cassoulet in Le Lautrec is always nice on a rainy day I can say from first experience that hurricanes suck and the season this year (if the long winter in the states is any indication - cant believe its snowing a foot in NYC right now!!- is bound to be rough!)
  10. One of the favorite sayings of my class in cooking school was "duck fat... its better than butter" !!!! in NY's Blue Ribbon... i live for the crusty sourdough bread smothered in duck fat and then adding to that the marrow of roasted ox tail bones - there are no words to describe this dish!
  11. Museo del Jamon - quite right.. after having to write everything again typos are bound to be all over the place. I havent been to La Bahia since the 80s, had almost forgotten about it. They did used to make delicious crabs with coconut sauce (recipe from the cocolos in Samana - freed slaves from the US south who settled a colony after their emmancipation, yet another of the many influences in our pepperpot of flavors) The city itself (non-colonial zone) is brimming with great new restaurants. Asian Nouvelle cuisine influenced (Jasmine, Taboo Bamboo, Pepperoni), Italian (Fellini, Spaguettisimo, Donatello), Spanish (Donosti, Pata Negra, Sancho Tapas), French (Le Lautrec, La Poellee), International but very good as well (Papparazo, Seasons). If anyone is planning a trip and wants to plan the trip culinarily check out the website for the newspaper El Caribe, which has a weekly magazine Bureo with a great list of restaurants and a listing of activities happening around the city that week
  12. PaulaDR


    Illegal Absinthe from Barcelona count? Grin. Love it, fear it, drink it cautiously.
  13. PaulaDR


    I am salivating remembering that black miso... its one of those culinary meal memories that tend to linger with us... omakase is definitely the way to go... my only distraction in my last meal there was uma and ethan at the next table pigging out - they sure packed it in. I love there tiradito.. wonder if it is still on the menu
  14. The basic ingredients between Puerto Rican cuisine and dominican are similar but the DR I believe was more influenced by the african slave cuisine mixed with the indigenous.. Casabe, for example, is a "flat bread" with a longe shelf life than a twinky... delicious toasted with EVOO and a bit of salt. The "pot a feus" (stewy soups) in all the caribbean are delicious for compare and contrast purposes, I love the Dominican "sancocho" on a rainy day... its supossed to have 8 different types of meat including manati... but thank goodness these days is only made with pork, beef, chicken and sometimes goat along with tons of tubers. A soup that eats like a meal.
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