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  1. When I had 9 teeth pulled to prepare for dentures, I found something at Arby's called loaded potato bites. They were tiny hash browns loaded with cheese and jalapeno. They're off the menu now sadly, but it's a good guide. Hash browns are a good choice, and anything like salmon cakes. Between those two you can probably find or create enough variations to get through a few days.
  2. what strikes me suddenly as interesting, after reading weedy's post, is that Alton said he stopped eating Iron Chef food after getting sick from a meal at the beginning, and he didn't want to endanger an episode by allowing that to happen again. Presumably shooting of this version of Iron Chef has made sure this hasn't been a problem.
  3. Tonight a chef served AB sooty raw pork and he gave "worst dish" to another chef because theirs was bland. I'm fine with that kind of judging. He has developed a snarky persona when dealing with tv chefs, but they can take it. They've no doubt heard worse, and he mainly brings out the snark to call them out on their bs. He knows by now the tv chef tricks and says so. That's for everyone's benefit. I'll grant that AB has presented himself as an authority when that's not always the case, but he probably knows more about food by now than many professional cooks. And if any of the participating chefs thought AB wasn't up to the job, you can bet they would say so and you can bet it would be a part of the show. That said, this is not Iron Chef and shouldn't carry the name. It's nowhere close.
  4. If it helps, my first thought was the Italian tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. It's not something I know much about myself but you might find some useful suggestions along those lines. http://www.bonappetit.com/entertaining-style/holidays/article/feast-of-the-seven-fishes Come to think of it my brother's family likes seafood and I might poke around this myself.
  5. Hm, the videos at the web page are freezing during loading for me. They work on the Android application, so they are available in some form. The web site might be having trouble, or as you say it might not be available in your area.
  6. Two episodes are available on the PBS app. I didn't realize this was the new show though.
  7. Oh that situation was an unpleasant surprise when I road tripped through the state years ago. And if I hadn't happened into a hotel bar the second night I would never known that the bars sold six packs (which I'd never seen legally done before).
  8. I'm in Northwest Arkansas but I hadn't thought about this being a regional matter. This press release makes it sound like these will be nationwide though: http://ir.sonicdrivein.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=932352
  9. These had a single flavor last time around, sweet BBQ, but the relaunch has five flavors, from garlic to habanero. And I'm here to tell you the habanero is not kidding around. The ghost pepper fries that Wendy's had a few months back were nothing compared to these firebombs.
  10. Hi all, another Chowhound transplant. Thank goodness I can get shut of that horrible nick.
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