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  1. Any comments on this restaurant? I have not been there for over 15 years and wondered if it was still considered an upscale dining place.
  2. Have you tried Laguna Miramare yet? Highly recommended as long as you don't go on a noisy weekend. You will only be able to read lips. Chef/owner Carolyn is a charmer and a fuss-budget when it comes to purchasing fresh fish, etc.
  3. Well Barry, maybe that's why you express yourself the way you did because you are admittedly not particularly a fan of Asian or Chinese food. But believe me, those who can't do without it for even one week will back me up that Yangming was truly a cut above when it came to really putting out some really good Chinese food. One need go no farther than simply driving past every night and trying to find a decent parking spot in their ample parking lot. I couldn't agree more with you that they tried to get away with something and for that I really am disappointed with them. But of course they are far from alone. As I type this, there are a plethora of other places knowing full well they have cleanliness problems in their kitchen and prefer implementing closed eyes. It isn't right and it is disappointing but in the case of Yangming, one thing's for sure, they got caught, are paying the price, and have learned their lesson. That's one place I'd be willing to bet that you won't have to worry about their kitchen anymore. And yes, I do believe, from those I have discussed it with, that the majority of their fans will return again for their "fix."
  4. Not yet. They are going over that place with a fine tooth comb. Ladders and workers are all over the place. They are making sure that it is spotless and perfect and that nothing like it will ever happen again.
  5. Absolutely. To me it's like a plane crash of a flight that you, yourself are supposed to take the very next day. Now you know that plane is probably the best, safest plane in the country to take after what happened to them the day before. They are working like mad over there. I pass that place several times a week. Believe me, the rules on them are going to be so stringent that you'd be able to feed your baby's formula right off the floor. Think of how many other places we could name that we frequent that are, shall we say, less than stellar in the clean department. I have no qualms about going back. That place was a winner ... and they've learned their lesson.
  6. I just discovered the most delightful place in Chestnut Hill open for lunches, but only on Friday nights for dinner. We had an absolutely delicious meal with a most creative menu this past Friday. We then strolled the charming boutiques and shoppes so reminiscent of a country village. How I missed this little gem of a place I will never know. It is fashioned like a bakery with glass counters filled with all kinds of bakery goodies, wooden tables, and lots of light and glass. Service was attentive and friendly. Highly recommended.
  7. Birchrunville is tops with me too. Second is Longwood Gardens 1906 formal dining room Third is Laguna Miramare
  8. I think you missed one. Isn't Susannah Foo's new SuGa opening in the fall?
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