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  1. Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Gingersnaps. Also a fan of their Jo-Jo's (is that what they're called?), especially the peppermint ones around the Christmas holidays. Also a fan of the orange or mint Milanos and a sucker for Nabisco Nilla Wafers. (Note all the above must be consumed with a large glass of very cold milk.)
  2. ElsieDee

    The Tater Tot Topic

    I'm a fan of the potato, and tater tots are one of my favorite preparations. At home I bake them until they're very well done - usually flipping about halfway through the cooking time to ensure adequate crispiness. Favorite dipping options include Best Foods, Best Foods with a bit of Heinz ketchup, and homemade aioli. A local small chain (though it's growing rather fast), called the Dog Haus, makes their tater tots in house - those are fried and pure deliciousness. I enjoy tots for dinner, as a base for sauteed spinach and poached eggs; as a snack at any time during the day; and as a side for veggie burgers or veggie sausages. Years ago I had a friend make the mentioned-upthread "Tater Tot Casserole" - it didn't work for my preferences, as the bottom of the tater tots were soggy and dissolved into the casserole filling. However, I am thinking about (once fall arrives in southern California) making the "inners" for a vegetable pot pie (basically whatever vegetables strike my fancy at that moment, with a mushroom cream sauce) and ladeling that over some crispy tots.
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome, Darienne. The addition of malt vinegar was a revelation to me - I was raised in a very rural area of Northern California, with a mother from the midwest (yep, lots of Cream of Mushroom soup casseroles!) who was also somewhat of a healthfood person (so nothing fried, no sweets - it was a weird set of food rules, to be honest). She's come a long way in her cooking - and eating - practices, as have I. What do you put on your chips / fries, may I ask?
  4. Hello TicTac - Sadly, I don't know much about dining in Ontario, though my former partner is from Guelph. When we'd go visit his family we always had to make a stop (er, possibly several stops, if we're being honest) at a Brantford Chip Truck. First time I'd had malt vinegar on fries - I became an immedfiate convert (though a good aioli is still my first choice). On the other hand, I do enjoy reading about the foods and traditions of different areas and regularly read the Toronto board on Chowhound.
  5. Hello, andiesenji - I've friends out in the Antelope Valley; they say there is good food to be found, but they're not terribly picky, either. I need to pick their brains for recommendations, I think. Do the wild food trucks roam anywhere in Palmdale? I'd think, with Edwards being there, you'd have some decent taco trucks. Or maybe not. I'm in Pasadena - great access to the bounties of the SGV and we're enjoying exploring those offerings.
  6. Well hello there, Chimayo Joe! Glad to see you here
  7. Thank you, Smithy. I have to admit I stole the "opportunistic vegetarian" line from an acquaintance, who introduced himself as an "opportunistic vegan." I thought it was a great turn of phrase and it's fairly appropriate for my eating preferences.
  8. Hi - I'm one of the Chowhound refugees. I've been reading eGullet for years, but never joined - shame on me! I'm looking forward to now not just exploring the depth of knowledge shared by the community, but contributing where I might have something helpful to add. As for food, I love it, plain and simple. From the higher-end, multi-course meals to the bowl of Cream of Wheat I had for dinner last night, food not only feeds my body but also my soul. I love tinkering in the kitchen, but am not particularly accomplished ("competent" is probably the best descriptor), and don't mind cleaning up as I go...but I hate washing dishes after a meal is finished. My eating preferences are best described as being an opportunistic vegetarian. I rarely eat shellfish, though I do get the odd hankering for crab and shrimp every now and then. However, I have no skill when it comes to cooking shellfish (I need to explore some of the threads on those topics). While others choose vegetarian for health reasons, I have little interest in "eating healthy" and happily consume junk food - or really good, unhealthy foods brimming with luscious fats and other delightful ingredients. I live in the Los Angeles area, and revel in the amazing restaurant and market options the region offers. Thank you for allowing me to become part of the eGullet community; I am honored to be here. Laura
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