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  1. Urag

    Meatloaf sandwiches

    Put some onions but make sure you use some great bread
  2. $5 tip is goo enough. Just because you order one more thing thats small shouldnt warrent more money.
  3. I love this show,Glad to see it still running.
  4. Dont go overboard on the food because kids are picky eaters and dont eat ahat much, I would go with somthing simple they would enjoy like a sandwich and a juicebox. Many people are listing a whole bunch of food to give but you're kid is young and wont eat it all.
  5. Many people will swwear off Starbucks because its a corperation but they started out small and got big because people liked their coffee and were smart.
  6. I wanted to say hello to everyone.
  7. I use it for salsa and chile. I once in a while using it as a topping for chicken.
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