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  1. You guys are making me thirsty =)
  2. Do you have a dehydrator? We candy orange slices at the restaurant by just dipping thinly sliced oranges in simple syrup and then dehydrating overnight at 135F.
  3. Made the burgers tonight. Brioche, beef, thousand island, bacon, pepper jack, grilled red onion, and a pickle.
  4. Made some "Everything" Brioche burger buns - husband decided to grill some steaks, so burgers will have to wait until tomorrow
  5. Yes, the opening is scheduled within the next few weeks, I believe. Employees went through orientation a couple weeks ago, so as soon as staff is properly trained, everything else should be set to go! We've been doing recipe testing for the restaurant over the summer, so it's definitely going to be some good stuff!
  6. Very underrated, indeed! And yes, I'm at Milkwood downtown!
  7. I currently work in a restaurant that specializes in Southern cuisine with influences from an Asian pantry. So I definitely love working with Asian ingredients just because it's such a broad range.
  8. Hey guys! My name is Peggy and I'm a chef from Louisville, KY! Here to seek inspiration, knowledge, and whatever else I can find!
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